Deh Nite Watchman and Scarlettkitty

Miz KittyRoo roted dis lubblee storee.  

For Dayle:

Dusk is falling on Cheezland, and although it is nearly Spring there is a bit of a chill in the air. The Night Watchman pulls his coat close.

“We have someone coming, Winky”, he tells the black cat on his shoulder.

The Watchman strolls through the streets, past the JCH4K fountain, splashing softly in the last golden rays, past the shuttered shops and homes, toward the meadow.

As he approaches the meadow, he hears the music of the carousel. Nearer, he sees a sweet, sad lady astride one of the cats. A pair of calico kittens is nestled in her lap. He climbs onto the neighboring horse and they go around a turn or two in silence.

… “I shouldn’t be here” she says. “My family needs me and I miss my husband so much.”

“You must be Dayle” he says. “Your family loves you beyond measure and they miss you too. They know you weren’t ready. You were so strong for so many for so long, your heart couldn’t contain all the love. “

“My grandbabies”, she says plaintively. “Who will watch them now?”

“So many people loved you – someone will step up because it meant so much to you”, he replies and Winky murrs hur assent.

“I hope so” she says. “They are so special”

“Your husband is very sad”, says the Watchman “ He has the love you gave him, and more, to help him through.”

The carousel slows to a stop, and they alight from their mounts and stroll into the meadow itself, a-bud and abloom with spring blossoms, with kitties and puppies frolicking amongst the stems. In the distance a few horses are clustered around a patch of clover and alfalfa.

“Dear lady” says the Night Watchman. “It’s your turn to rest, and to wait for your loved ones to come to you. You can peek at them as much as you like from this side of the bridge. I’ve heard there will be many gardens growing in your honor.”

The lady smiles and settles onto a bench at the edge of the meadow, with the calico babies still cuddled close.

“Thank you”, she says, caressing the little kittens in her lap.

The Watchman starts back into the meadow, followed by a string of cats and dogs eager to play.

12 thoughts on “Deh Nite Watchman and Scarlettkitty

  1. That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I am sure that it will bring much comfort to Dayle’s family and friends.

  2. Beautiful – shed lots of tears though I didn’t meet her – obviously she was a very special lady. Beams to her family xx

  3. I just now found this and the tears are about to burst forth. I didn’t know Dayle, but having just lost my own father, I find these words very touching and poignant – and reassuring.
    My thoughts are with Dayle’s family.

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