Rekwest fur Beemz

Dis b frum ‘Niser:

Oh mai, deer Cheezfrenz,
*lolspeek awf*
Had a tough day at the shelter today. It started much like any other day. I went in about nine, cages were being cleaned and people were starting their day seeing to the animals. I noticed a pretty, ornate cage in the vet’s office and asked him about the parrot housed therein. He said the bird was being transferred to rescue, and his office was a much less stressful environment than the adoption floor. At about ten, I noticed one of our animal care people seeing to the bird and asked her about him. She said he was 27 years old, had been surrendered (circumstances unknown) and tried to get him to talk to me. He said “Okay, whatever!” (so cute!)  All was well and things were going as usual.

Then about ten thirty, that same animal care person ran into our site manager’s office and said, (or screamed actually)  “I need someone to drive me to the hospital, my Mom is having a heart attack!” I ran out of my office and asked if our site manager wanted me to go. He said “can you?” and I responded that of course I could. We ran to my car and started driving the 25-minute drive to the hospital, which was spent mostly in silence.

This young woman is by far the person who I admire most at our shelter. As a volunteer, she made me feel so welcome and kindly answered any questions that I had. Once I became employed there as the volunteer coordinator, she always had my back and offered me and my volunteers constant encouragement. In short, she was my favorite employee and now she was facing this personal crisis.

She was on the phone to her aunt, who had been with her mother at the time of the attack. As it turned out, she had not had a heart attack, but rather a seizure. The EMTs were unable to revive her as of the time I dropped her off at the hospital, and we learned about two hours later that they had been unable to save her Mom. I am devasted and destrought.

So, why am I sharing this story here? Because Cheezland is SO dear and important to me. I know you all will, even though you don’t know this woman, put your prayers out there in the universe for her. I don’t know where else to go, it’s so obscure. My husband is sympathetic, but basically says “yeah, death sucks” and doesn’t understand the magnamity of it all for me. So I’m going to the place I know and love as my support group and security blanket–my Cheezland.

Thank you all for your love and support. Love you all, ‘Niser

 *lolspeek awn* Fankeez mai cween! Heerz hoapin dat teh daze ahedd R nawt sew tuff.
*Bowz* Yoar loyal serbent,

39 thoughts on “Rekwest fur Beemz

  1. {{{{{Niser}}}}}
    {{{{{Volunteer friend}}}}}
    I am sending up prayers for you and for your friend and the rest of her family. Be comforted and know peace.

  2. {{{{{{{{{{{{{ ‘Niser }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{ young fren an Mawm}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    mai thots wit you. dis sudden loss iz so hard to unnerstand.
    but ai am wit you, ai hav felt dis loss, still feelin teh loss an
    mai heart goes out to you an your fren…sendin beems….
    lubs, r.

    • {{{{{{{{{{{{{ ‘Niser }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
      {{{{{{{{{{{{{ young fren an Mawm}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      *bbzzt…bzzt…cough…cough.. ded*

      O noez! My beemz cannon just asploded!!! 0_o

      Annie bodiez gotz a hamurr?

  3. sending you prayers adn powerful bems. your friend will need a lot of compassion. you will be able to help her not be alone with her grief at work, and by helping her, you’ll be helping yourself get thru this trauma.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{‘niser adn fren}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. Sending blessings and beams to ‘Niser and her friend. There are plenty to share with the friend’s family, too.

  5. ((( niser)))) sending you BEEMS ten times elebenty strength… They are beeming all the way from half way across the world here in Australia… Love light and strength to all

  6. More beams on the way from New Mexico in teh early mornin… We know how hard it is to cope with an unexpected loss like this. Sending wishes for peace to all concerned…

  7. Haven’t used this thing in a while….
    *fires up CATBED*
    *locks in ‘Niser’s coordinates*
    Firing in 3… 2… 1… Mark.

  8. {{{{{{{{{{{‘Niser}}}}}}}}}} Lubs adn beems ob peas adn clams tu yoo and ur deer frend. Her mawm lefftid tu suun and tu suddin. Is turriblol wen yoo nawt hazza chans tu sae gudbye; ai noes dis frum hard eggspeeriens.

  9. Strength and prayers are going out to you, your friend and friend’s family, and, of course, all the lives she touched at the shelter…she did good and brave work, and was a good person. She’ll have lots to do once she gets to the meadow…

  10. Niser, am sending prayers and thoughts to you, to your young friend and her family, and to the shelter animals who I am sure are missing their friend right now. Hugs to you all.

  11. Ai am sew sad fur yoar fren, Niser. Ai lawst mai dadcat an mai momcat tew yeers apart. Ai still, and awlwayz will miss dem. Ai hoep dat she fines cumfert in noeing dat her mumcat ams nawt in enny pane. Ai am senifying menny beems ob lubs and cumfert yoar direkshun. {{{{{{{{{{Niser an her voluteer fren and fren’s famblee}}}}}}}}}}

  12. Niser, ai send menny beems of strenff adn peas adn clams fur yu and yoor frend .
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{Niser adn her frend}}}}}}}}}}}}

  13. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Niser&friend&friendsmom&aunt}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    I’m glad someone was with her when she was stricken. That way there’s no question of if help could have been sent sooner she would havesurvived..

  14. Beems sent to Niser and her friend and friend’s family. This is going to be so hard for that family. {{{{{Niser & Friend & Family}}}}}

  15. ‘Niser, you are a wonderful person and that woman was very lucky to have you there. I am sure you did all you could to get her there in time. Even though you weren’t in time, I am sure that woman appreciates what you did and I am sure you comforted her as best as you could. Beems for you and the woman and her family. ❤

  16. Oh ‘Niser — sending you and your friend and her family so many beems I can’t put them all on the screen. This young woman clearly thinks very highly of you (as do all of us here in Cheezland, btw!) and I know you will be a source of strength and comfort to her — I am very glad she has you in her life. Prayers and beeeeeeeeeeems for all of you at this very difficult time.
    “Most merciful Boss ob CC, whose wisdom am beyond owr understanding: deal graciously wif dem in dere greef. Surroundify dem wif yoor lubs, dat dey may nawt be oberwhelmed by dere loss, but habs confidence in yoor gudgudgudness, adn strenf adn koorage to meet teh dais to come…” (BCP adapted into LOLspeek)

  17. “deal graciously wif dem in dere greef” – dat mite haz been da bestest way to seys dat Ai cud finks of. Niser – us all putting aut the beams, prayers, universal lubs to The Ceiling Cat and hopes in days to come u awl will be blessed. Maybe – if the shelter thinks it’s ok – you could offer to plant a lovely tree there in memory of her mom. We have been doing that down here for some of our frens who has had der luved ones cross the Rainbow Bridge first. A beautimous Dogwood, or maybe some lillies in the garden. Or maybe buy a bench with Mom’s name ingraved on it for peeps to visit with potential nu fambly members. You could also print out these comments and let her know that she and her family is being lifted up in prayer.

    Thanks for thinking of us… Love from Fredsmom

  18. Joining everyone in sending beems and cheezluv fo you and your friend. I’m sorry for the sudden loss of your friend’s mom.

  19. Niser, pleez teyl yeur fren dayut wee awl seyund awr kundoelunnsuss tew heur adn heurr faymblee adn tew yew adn heyrr mennee beemz ((((((((((Niser adn Freyund}}}}}}}}}}

  20. You are such a sweet and caring person Niser. Of course I will gladly send any loving beams of care and concern your friend’s way. You can always come to this bunch for support – even when it is “off topic” – such a silly phrase! – as this. “WE”, the people who love animals deeply and respect and love other people who love animals deeply, are the best of the human race. Shame on any of us who would not take a moment to send your sweet friend warm, loving, and healing beams.

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