Prysma’z Novel


prysma says:

Ohai, guys!
I sneeking in a small nounsemint.
*cleers throat*
I are lukking fur a few good… no, wait.
I are looking fur volunteers whu wud hazza willing tu reed a urban fantasea novel fur me which I writed an gib me sum feedback (nawt teh guitar-tu-close-tu-teh-speekers kind, teh what-yu-fink kind).
If yu finkso mebbe, is moar infos at
It am nawt in lolspeek, eben tho teh purrkids haz made spradik effurts tu correktify my spellings a grammars in teh prosess uv writings.


One thought on “Prysma’z Novel

  1. Wow. I got way more response than I ever expected!

    Thanks, everyone, I appreciate it wifamuchness! I think I’m going to have to stop accepting volunteers at this point, though.

    It’s not going to be officially “published” (at least not any time soon) but I will let peeps know once a final copy is posted on my site. If you’re curious about how I write and don’t want to wait, there are two other finished urban fantasy novels sitting there on the same site that I’d be honoured to share with you. 🙂

    *hedbonks and purrs and hugs all around* Love you guys!

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