Halp deh Critters in Moore, Ok.

I knowz dat menny uv u am concerned bowt deh critterz dat wuz affected bai deh horriblol tornado dat devastated Moore, Ok.  I gotted an emayo frum a neice hoo libbz in deh OKC area dat included dis info: 

 The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma is earmarking all monies donated at this time to the tornado relief fund.  The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma is a wonderful 501c3 non profit organization that focuses on providing pet food to low income senior citizens, the homeless and low income veterans.  Now, during this time of need they are also helping those displaced from this week’s tornados.


4 thoughts on “Halp deh Critters in Moore, Ok.

  1. Ai nawt habs meuch beut ai duz habba reuff and feuud adn Miss Feistybutt sew ai wud seyund whut liddl biyut ai kud, ebbrreewun heyulp haowebbur yew kahn, the goggies and Keows izz neeydeun heyullp tew jeusst azz meucch azz dere Mawmz and Dayuds dew!!
    Seyunndun BEEMZ aoeuut tew awl ub deyum!!

  2. Dis am importink, aifinkso…—————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> reunited animalols and dems peeps…. lettuce hear it fur menny menny miracols! ps, donait iffin u can spair a buck oar tuu…

  3. Fangs yew fore makin it sew easy to halp!
    (What the iPhone spellcheck does to lolspeak is frightening and probably not suitable for family audiences.)

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