CheezieMeet in DC?

dis am frum deh deer KittyRoo hoo walks fur deh Nite Watchman and others hoo suffer deh ebil depression:

Ohai Cheezies!!!

As you probably already know, I will be in Washington DC for the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk next weekend (may 31- June 3).
Wondering if anyone would like to meet up either Sat lunchtime or mid/late Sunday afternoon for a snack/nibble/chat?   I will be staying near Dupont Circle.

Much Cheezlubs,
KittyRoo (Anne)


13 thoughts on “CheezieMeet in DC?

  1. I iz so honored dat KittyRoo carriez deh Nite Watchman in hur hart wen shii walks.

    I haz lit a candle in deh Candlol Room fur KittyRoo and awl deh walkers.

    Deh Candlol Room am actually part uv deh Gratefulness dot org webbysite. I haz made a groop named Teepz fur deh Tee Room vizitors as a clam amd peesful place to go — it am open tu anywon, not just deh Tee Room commentors. Plz tu feeling free tu joining mii in liting a candlol fur KittyRoo so shii nawt stumblol in deh darkness.

  2. Hi KittyRoo! I live in Richmond, only about 2 hours from DC, and my son lives in the Dupont Circle area. I could make it there either Saturday or Sunday that weekend – let’s see whether one or the other is better for other Cheezpeepz.

  3. Oh, carps….pleese gno dat ai am sending u beems–Mr. Cow has “social” events ligned up fur us ober dat weekend…. *sigh* Thank you for walking, dan pweese dunawt furgetting da Emma, hoo has been gone for a lawng tiem noa…. (((((((Roo)))))))

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