Owt uv deh Darkness


15 thoughts on “Owt uv deh Darkness

  1. So wise and loving. A wonderful shirt.
    Do you know? I don’t know The Night Watchman’s own story. Where can I find this, O Majesty?

  2. oh, how I wisht Ai had known uv dis befour….
    mai deer Randy left me by his own hand…. I try and get support where ever I can find it, and also give it wehnebber Ai can…. it’s a hard thing to live thru and live with, letmetellyuwut!
    hugs and lubs to awl hoo has lost lubbed wuns frum suicide…..

  3. Dis am a mos wunnermus fing taht KittyRoo has dun. Teh picksure ub teh Night Watchman is ossum and the first star he be guyded by, “Roslyn” is my momcat. Herz has been goen 6 1/2 yeers adn las niet herz wuz wif KittyRoo adn manee uvvers woh we keep in our harts.

  4. Deh Nightwatchman is deh Krown Prinss. {{{{{{Cweem}}}}}} Ai wanna wahk (well, roll; Aiz inna wheeeeee eelchair). For my Gramma. An sum frenz. An myself wunst.

  5. O- Ai has teh pleh mintlol eelness, an hab seen teh ai-wanna-die-monstur menneh tiemz maiselb – butt(!) Ai hab nawt eber akchooalleh tryed tu du eet.
    My first therapist told me ‘suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem’. While I know that’s not always the truth, it planted in me that ending it meant never knowing if it would get better. And I also didn’t want to put my family through it – at least not attempts. I’ve said for years that I will never attempt suicide, ’cause if I ever get that far, I’ll mean it and be successfull. I’ll never use it as a way of asking for help. It’s not fair to my loved ones, especially my mom who has already burried her husband.

    I feel for those who couldn’t wait for better to come along any longer, and chose their own end. And who are we to say that that end wasn’t their right end? We may see all when we die. Looking back on my life, I truly feel wonder that I’m still alive. Logic speaks I should have buckled. But I never did, not completely. And I’m glad.

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