Beemz Needed fur Catena

Dis just in frum Gunnersmama:

Mai Leej..juss sawed dis awn Cheezland lolchat frum teh PK. Mebbe yu (bein the cween an nall) cud poastify a beemz reek west awn teh Cryer?


Went to Facebork to remind about HCR’s trip, and learned this:

Catena has been hospitalized with severe pancreatitis for the past week. It has been a rough road for her and it sounds like she’s not quite out of the woods yet. She could use some serious beemz!


25 thoughts on “Beemz Needed fur Catena

  1. Certainly! *rummages through her saved up beems and picks two exceptionally strong ones. they are pink with littlol daisies on them. wasting no time, she loads them into the beemerator and sets it to high and pulls the lever.. the beems sparkle as they fly and shower the ground wif littlewhite petals.*

  2. I hope TessM can keeping us awl postid, coz I gotted teh news from her on Facebork…. Iz lotsa beems-of-menny-colurs coming from here!

  3. Mennee beeemz tew yew Catena foar gyttn helfee wifakwykneuss, deh beeeemz izz goayun feuul taiyum.
    Gyt yew aout ob deh horsepitlol cuzz ai wuzz iyun dere free taiyumz dys yeer adn wuz berree glayud tew gyt aout ob dere wehn ai dyd.
    Yew GYT WEHL wiffakwykneuss adn bee aybeull tew goes hoam adn bee wyff yeurr Keows aegaeyun, habbyn seum nais tee beeyun wewakksd adn keumffeurtubbl wiffa peurryn Keow awn yeur layup iyuff izz nawt soer!!

  4. Deer Catena, hear’z lawts and lawts uf mai strongestest beems frum Sarf Efrika – nawt bean in tuch four a lawg wiles butt(!) finkin ob yew and hoaps yew owt ob teh horspitlol soonsoon {{{{{{{{{{{{Catena}}}}}}}}}}}

    • Bluesfan posted this in Cheezland earlier today:
      Awn a sumwut relaytd note, ai haz hadda bery breef emayo frum hour frend Catena. It wuz poastd awn teh cheeztown cryer taht shee had bean horspitalizd butt ai dint reelize dat it had happend wile shee wuz awai awn vakashun. Shee wuz finalee jus enuff bedder tew git hoam awn caturday, stil pleh an week an nawt at awl awl bedder. Awn hurr wai tew teh doktor wen ai hurd frum hurr. Sew keep up teh beemz fer hour frend

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