Beems Needed

Ower deer HoneyCakeRabbit am asking fur beemz fur hur Dad.  Heer am deh nawt-sekkond msg I gotted frum hur. 

I needs hugs pleeze, an beeems for mai dad. He had a naccident an am nawt responsive. He has multiple open fractures on hims hed an am bleeding internally, too, an is nao in hospital. Nowun has any idea what happened or when. My mom found him this mornin, standin uprite and, butt nawt talkin or reactin.

Mom lives over 300km away an doesn’t want us (babybunneh an me, dat is) to come. She’s a very tough woman, born just after teh war an incredibly strong. She sais “what would you do? You stay where you are and take care of your business”. I’m afraid she just hides it inside. Brother lives with her, dat’s good. She’ll have company an also, cos he can drive an she can’t. He’s one of those people dat just never lose their head. Probably hardened by a childhood shared with a mostly nasty big sister… ;) He’ll just take everything on very calmly an I’m glad he’ll be around for her.

Brother said, dad looked like he’s been in a streetfight. :?

And dis am an uppydate I received a short bit ago: 

He am now in ICU, and his mind am bak, meaning he recognised bof mom an brother. He still doesn’t remember anyfing an can’t talk well, though. Selfless silly him did nonetheless try to tell mom to still come and visit me :) :roll: -which of course she declined. The horsepittul peeps am really tryin hard to figure out whut actuallee happened. One Doctor said it would be possible to fall dat hard an remember nuffin from e.g. a stroke, butt they’ll have check him thoroughlee to know.

I has a great releaved and a total eggsausted -nawt that I akshoolee DID anyfing today:roll: Mom am doin ok, her will visit him again tomorry.

25 thoughts on “Beems Needed

  1. Deer HunnyBunny, Dis am hard I noe butt (!) it zounds him in gud hands. Plz to tayk deep breff and be fankfil him iz been lookes after by gud horse spittle pedps. Am sending beems and hedbonks fur ewe and ewer dad and ewer fambly. Lubs ewe much.

  2. Hopefully, thay has a gud hospital staff dat know wha thay r doing.

    Beemz kannon warmin’ up…..Nyeaow, nyeaow, nyeaow….*spluttersplutterded*

    Onoez! mah beemz cannon is dead!

    Who’s been mezssin wif mah cannon again? 😀

  3. Tiger-hugs and lubs from Seanya and I both! Seanya says, doctors these days can do amazing stuffs as far as figuring things out and preventing it from happening again. It sounds terrifying under any circumstances and a massive shock out of the blue like that! Beems coming for you and your dad and your mom and your brother!

  4. The fact that he has regained his cognitive senses is huge. Whatever happened was obviously traumatic, but the damage to his brain is recovering. Many warm hugs and beemz for you all from the wet coast of VLC.
    {{{{{{{{{{{HCR and liddol fambly}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  5. (((Honeycakerabbit)))

    Beams for u and ur fambly. Dere really isn’t anyfing u can do for him even if u are there, but it’s hard to stop worrying.

  6. Iz troo, dere are amazing peeps tu halping ur dadbunneh, and guud to hazzing ur bruvver dere tu halp ur mawn.
    Beams on OHAI for the hole HCR famblee, and a big ol’ cushion tu putting arownd the dadbunneh.

  7. O gnoes — dis very scary! Glad teh gnus am getting bedderer adn him gnoes his famblee-peeps again… Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz frum mii adn teh Princess for awl ob yoo!

  8. Ohai!
    Dis am a nuppidate. Dad has been transferred to some intermediate-level-of-care station (not ICU anymore, not normal station, no idea what dat kind of station is called in English). His mind am sometimes good an sometimes not so much. We do think he just fell, very badly obviously.
    Thanks again for all your support, it’s very much appreciated -particularlee since I’m alone wiff babybunneh for teh week.

    • Oh, dearest, you are in my prayers, as, of course, is your dad and the whole family. May GOD bring quick healing to your dad and comfort to the rest of you all—In Jesus’ Name!
      All my love —janey

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