LOLZ needed

 Dhere am no Cheezland wifowt LOLz!!!!  Plz tu halping Prysma.  Shii sez:

Management apologizes for not getting the gallery sorted out – uploading pics with a slow/flaky interwebs connection is an exercise in futility. Working on it.

HAOEBER, the store of lols is dropping BADLY! We’re down to having enough lols by different peeps to cover barely three days before I start at the top of the list again. This means going through lols by those peeps at an extremely accelerated rate, so I’m running out of lols by more and more peeps.

Consistently, fewer come in than are being used. (The archives of previous work on DoP a few peeps have given me access to are making up the difference, and some include a LOT of lols, but even they won’t last forever!)

If you haven’t seen one of yours on teh FP in a week or so, then I’m out of yours. So, like, go make more, already!!!

If you haven’t sent any at all… why not? Give it a try!!! Look at the top of the  page for the How-To on finding pics to caption, and see the Submissions instructions for how and what to send. Have fun with it!!! I use almost everything I’m sent, so your odds of getting the spotlight are excellent!!!

For those who do consistently send in LOLs, or have given me permission to raid their collections on ICHC – THANKS WIF A MUCHNESS!!!

*purrs an hedbonks*

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