Sad, Sad Noodle

Dis am a msg I gotted frum deh dear Noodle:

ohai mai cween, ai iz sad, sad tudai. mai luv, star, passed away sunday mornin.  hur had gotten worse sick onda wed nite.  butt hur wuz still lucid up to late sat nite.  hur wood luk at mi and sey she wuz memorizing mai face. we musta sed ai luv u a million times. ai held hur an told hur i wood nebber leave hur and dat ai wood be okay. iz difficult yet a privilege 2 be with ur luv as she died.

ai iz sad, butt hur iz free.
luv frum noodle, aka sarah

38 thoughts on “Sad, Sad Noodle

  1. Ai nawt can haz werds. Juss hugz an teerz.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Noodlol}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} ♥♥♥

  2. Oh, dear noodle, ai haz such a sad fur u. Be cumfurted in the love she took wif her, and the love that will stay wif u furever. {{{{{{{{{{Noodle}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Noodle}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Izza sad tyme–hold on o the beautiful memories and just keep putting one foot after another…:(

  4. Informal sort-of memorial on Cheezland on teh noon caption-me spot, photo of Star and two of the kittehs, tumorrow (Tuesday teh 11th), with noodle’s blessings.

  5. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Noooooooddddllllllleee))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    What a huge, huge sad to have. Condolences from Kitson and myself, Mitsu, to u and urs. I’m about to do my 2 wkk shopping but wanted to let u know u may contact me thru the tearoom. Just to let you know, I also watched my loved one, Toolbox, die in my presence with no one else in the room.
    You r so loved and u d know that Star loved you even more.
    Loving you with a fierce.

  6. {{{{{{noodle}}}}} i am so sorry for yor sad an yor loss. i hope teh memries ob your star an teh luv ob yor friends will halp yoo throo dis time.

  7. Ai habs beeyn prybblijjd tew habs ayut dyffreunt taiyumz tew ob mai Keows payuss obeurr the bydjj waiyull ai wuzz hoelldeun deyum.

    Dys izza BERREE spechul taiyum bofe fahr yew and foar Star beekuzz dere wuzznt enneefyng beut LUBZ inna rheum.

    Star wuz teylln yew shee habs nebbur haba seucha GUD GUD Mawm and dayut shee wud bee waiyuttn jeusst oeubeurr the Rainbow Bridge wehn yew cayun bee bayuk tewgevvur.

    Yew bememmbeur heurr wif fawnd meymmoereez and raiyut naow wyff leekee aiz, jeusst laik ai habs waryytun dis tew yew, ai habs byn dere ae lawt wiff mai mennee Keows, izz nawt ennee eeyzeeur wyff eech neu Keow, kuzz dey izz fayumblee, Feistybutt iyuzz mai krankee dawteur, jeusst laiyuk Star wuz yeur wunneumeuss Lady.

    DEY AWR FAYUMBLEE, and dey izz waytunn aekrawss the brydjj foar euss, wehn dayut hayuppnz dere wyl bee ae galoeyureus reeyoonyun wyff alla deh Keowz adn Goggies wee hab hayud iyun awr laiyuff, ai ayum 71 naow, ai izz leukkn foarweurd tew ae lubblee reeyooyun iyun aebaeout 19 yeerz oar sew!!

    {{{{{Noodle and Star[she lubbed heur Mawmee berree meuch]}}}}}

    • fankies abikertoo, u maded mi laff an cri. star wuz mai luv ob da human species. hur an ai wuz 2gedder 4 32 yrs. u hab reminded mi ob da prechus tymez hur an ai wood hug hour kittiez az dey passed aweigh. hur remainz will b onna shelve wif hour sumo, bonnie an zeba (our hart kitties)
      hur wooda had a proud dat u thot hur wuz a beautimous kitti.

      • Ai dyddnt knoe, naow yew KNOE shee wub bee dere wyff alla deh Keows waytun foar yew wehn iyuts yeur taiyum tew kaross teh bryjj, ai stykks mai feuut iyun mai mouf wunc inna wyl, doan meeyn tew beut dyddnt knoe!!

      • Wehl shee izz beautimous adn izz inna meddoe jeusst waeyttun foar yew wiyff alla paeysheunns inna weurlld.
        When iyuts yoer taiyum tew goe dere shee whyll bee dere sew yew whyll bee tewgezzr aegaeyun wyff alla deh Keows adn Goggies.
        Dere wyl bee enny uzzr peyuts yew habs hayud azza kyd, dey wyl awl bee galayud tew sea yew,aiknoesoe!!
        {{{{{noodle}}}}} {{{{{star}}}}} {{{{{noodle adn star inna feuchhyur tewgezzr aegaeyun}}}}}

  8. O Nooodle, I’m so sorry. Rest in peace, dear Star. You will be together again, and in the meantime, love can only grow through the beloved memories. Our own never leave us, nor we them. But I know it hurts right now, and I send you beems and hugs and tears.

  9. wer iz teh dae wen wii wer strong
    adn lyfe adn luv woz nyoo
    wer iz teh dae wii’d hold on tyte
    adn wispur ai luv yoo
    wer iz teh hart taht beet wif myne
    teh hand taht held mai own
    wye did yoo hav tu goe ahed
    adn leev mii on mai own
    hao kan ai tayk anuvver step
    mai eyz soe ful of teerz
    wivvowt yoo heer hao wil ai coep
    wif hartayks adn wif feerz
    ai haz noe strenf butt sumhao ai
    muss push on froo teh payn
    tu fase eech challunj az it kumz
    until wii meet agayn

  10. I wishez to send lotza lubz — wishez I cud gib u huggz …… somme day ober dat rainbowz bridg – we see our whole famibliez again … ❤
    frum da whole famiblie to yurz — Janet Dragonryder Davies

  11. Oh Noodle,
    mai simpafees to u. U luved star soooo much and she nue dat. U will be togevver again sum day. Strength to you. Loves to u bofe {{{{{{{{{{noodle and star}}}}}]}}

  12. Oh noodle, how tragick tu lose a partner, friend, adn love. My heart just aches for yoo. I am holding yoo up for comfort and healing and a sense of how very, very much you are loved in return.


  13. Oh deer, sweet noodle. Ai noes nuffin ai kan say wil tayke yoar pane away. But ai tellz yu dis. In teh daze affer hubcat’s deff, ai felt a strengff ai did nawt noes ai had, anna hyooj lubs washing ober me. Dis wuz teh lubs ob mai famblee, frenz, an ai no in mai hart ob harts dat a beeg beeg part ob it wuz teh lubs ob cheezland. Let us hold yu up, deer wun, just as ai wuz held up. We wil get fru dis.Teh onlee fing grater dan loss……..iz lubs.
    {{{{{{{{{noodle & star}}}}}}}}}}

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