Halp LCB Fight Stoopy Pleh Cancer

look wut just landingifyed in mai inbox frum deh LOLCatBurglar!!!

O hai guise!  A friend who is on the board of the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation asked me to do one of my tutorilols to halp them halp peeps participating in their fundraising events raise more moneys to fight stoopy pleh cancer.  Working on that project inspired me to sign up for their Climb4Life event on July 13 in Washington DC, in part to celebrate our beloved cheezfrenz Kim and Ruth.

This is a rock climbing event, and as u all know, LCB has a slight problem with heights. So I’ll be taking part in the nature photography class instead, hoping to snap some pics of feral YNGs. A burglar can hope, can’t she?

I’d be honored if u guise could  halp me meet my fundraising goal of $1000 (US). Even a dollar or two would halp tremendously. I know moneys are tight for lots of peeps so plz to not worry. You can halp by passing the link to my donation page along to others and asking them to halp u halp me halp HERA stop the loss of women from ovarian cancer by promoting Health, Empowerment, Research, and Awareness. All contributions are tax-deductible (US only.)

khtxclickhere: http://hera.kintera.org/c4ldc2013/sandrahull


12 thoughts on “Halp LCB Fight Stoopy Pleh Cancer

  1. LCB, ai tells yu wutt. Ai noez dat dis izza guud kawze. Butt (!) ai challengez yu: Comez bak tu Cheezland an marvel us wiff yoar majikk gift ob makin us awl laff an laff an laff, an ai promisez yu, ai wil donate. An wile ai’m atitt, bring teh piggeh wif yu!!!!
    *Teh crowd goez wild*
    Piggeh!!! Piggeh!!! Piggeh!!!!
    *’Niser crossiz armz an putz handz awn hips inna challengink stans*
    *Wayte, wutt? Hao yu crossiz arms and putz handz awn hips at teh sayme thyme??*
    *Bamboozlols self*
    An dis goez dubblol foar awl teh Cheezpeeps hu bin awn hiatus laytelee!!!! (Lunarmommy, dis meenz yu!!!!!)
    *Pleez lettuce noat heer dat ‘Niser haz guud reezon foar hurr hiatuss. Snifflolz. Tryz tu buck up*
    Ai wil be bak Cheezland!! In teh meenthyme, LCB, we needs yu!!!!!!

  2. I’ll see what I can do about escaping from RLS for a bit, but bringing the Piggeh along will be a bit of a challenge. Of course, anything to do with the Piggeh is a bit of a challenge.

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