Benni needz Beemz

  • Ohai ebriwun, hoap ur awl habing a gud gud gud weekendz! :-)

    Ai kin has sum beems, plz? :-( Ai hazza deep wurreed…

    *turnz awf lolspeek*

    I was born with a condition called congenital rubella syndrome. I was luckier than most and only suffer from visual problems (it could be much worse, from brain problems to deformities and death). I have no vision in my left eye, and to save my right eye they had to remove the lens when I was still a baby, so I have had to wear thick glasses and more recently also super strong contact lens in order to see things properly. Other than having problems with depth perception and balance et al, I haven’t really had any problems. However, for the last year and a half, I have noticed an increase in foggy vision (it started with once a month, but now it happens about 4 times a week). At first we thought it was due to the contact lens being older than a year, so 3 weeks ago I got a new lens, but earlier this week I clicked that I’m wearing the new lens and my vision is still going foggy 3-4 days a week. I spoke to my optomotrist, who worried that it might be due to swelling of the cornea and asked that I come in when it happens again. So, Friday morning it happened again and I went in and they checked my eye – yes, the cornea was swollen, but (!) there are also blisters on the cornea. :shock: I was then squeezed in for an appointment with my eye specialist and rushed right over. The specialist had a look and confirmed that my cornea wasn’t well and that the blisters were like water blisters, but he had trouble checking my eye pressure and couldn’t give me any answers really until he had confirmed a few things. So, he has sent me to the eye centre on this coming Monday for a specular microscopy scan (endothelial cell count) or something like that, which means he wants to see if my eye is deteriorating. :-(

    *sigh* I know I shouldn’t worry about things I can’t change, but this could (maybe) majorly effect my life, and I’m just scared.

    *turns lolspeak back on*

    Hoap ai didnawt unload tu mutsh! *Hugz tu ebriwun!*


22 thoughts on “Benni needz Beemz

  1. Dear Benni, I will hold you in my heart. I’ve had bad vision all my life and nothing scares me more that something going hinkey with my eyes. Your attitude is good but I know you must be scared. Please know that someone is always thinking of you and passing you strength and energy.

  2. many beems (and sum prayer if yu don’t mind..) headed yur wae. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Benni}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Pleez to ytai tu just take one dae at a tyme so it duzzent oberwhelm yu

  3. Dear Benni , dis be a gud plaice to unload, aifinkso. U can has hugs and beams and schmoos for Mundane. Will be finking of you and sending optical beams of wellbeing. We’ll get bai wifa littlol halp from our cheezfrenz.

  4. Benni, I’m so sorry. I have significant trouble with vision problems during migraines, so I understand a little of what you are going through with the “why is my vision different today” aspect of it. Please don’t feel bad for “unloading” as you say — thank you for trusting us with your story — it is easier to pray for you and focus our beeeeeeeeeeeeemz if we know a little about what is going on. All very best beeeeeeemz, prayers, and Cheezstrength coming your way for Monday.

    “O Bawss ob CC, who gibs life adn helf, comfort adn releeb owr deer Cheezpeep Benni, adn gibs yoor power ob healing to awl teh Dr. Tinycats who minister to her needs, dat shii may be strenfened adn habs confidence in yoor care. Anom.” BCP, adapted.

  5. Deer Benni, ai hazza sowwy. Ai habs the pleh vision during migraines…izza bad fing.

    “O Bawss ob CC, giver of life adn helf, comfort adn releeb owr deer Cheezpeep Benni, adn gibs yoor power ob healing to awl teh Dr. Tinycats who minister to her needs, dat she may be strenfened adn habs confidence in yoor care. Anom.” BCP, adapted

    • Hazza Nembarassed….it seemed like stoopy Weird Press had eated my comment, so ai shortened it and reposted. Sowwy ebbrywun, nao bof ob dem are dere.

  6. (((((((((Benni and Benni’s Ayze)))))))))))))))) Pweese to letting Dr. TinyAyez be da utmost ob halpsfull niss and getting Benni da bestest possible outcome….

  7. I am so very very sorry to hear the news. Many, many beams. I know people who have lost vision for various reasons and although they tell me they’re fine, I have a hard time believing that. Sight is a dominant sense and I cannot imagine what it must feel like, either as in your case where there is uncertainty (and therefore hope) over the cornea, or where sight is lost entirely.

    I know this isn’t the same, but here is a real story from my family. My father had a detached retina in his right eye. The eye hospital in Manchester, England, is one of the best in the world. They did everything they could, including laser surgery to reattach the retina. Nothing worked and he was told he would be permanently blind in one eye. He was devastated. He needed superb vision for his work as a chemistry lecturer and researcher, not to mention getting to work. The streets were dangerous to cross as it was.

    So, he went home, miserable, thinking he would lose everything. My younger suster, Andrea, who was 5 at the time was furious. He had promised to drive her to her Brownies club that night. So she punched him hard on the right side of his head. His vision partly returned instantly. The punch had hit the retina perfectly back into place, where all the expert surgeons had failed, a good left hook succeeded. Once the black eye had cleared up, his vision was perfect.

    No, I do not recommend this approach. Particularly for problems of swelling. It just means Dame Fortune has a weird sense if humour and might give you the answer in your breakfast cereal or by some other totally absurd method. I remember medicines I took for anxiety/depression raised my eyeball pressure, so maybe check anything you take for food, drink or meds for things that might cause problems. Maybe there is an infection your body is having trouble fighting and a shot of an antibiotic or antiviral will help. Maybe if they lower the pressure (which I think they can do), the loss of irritation will shut down the excess production of eye fluid stuff. Maybe chocolate will help. I am wildly guessing, but even a wrong guess can lead to a right guess being made.

    And this is important for you. You can’t ‘control’ the sutuation, but that doesn’t make you helpless. Being helpless is often the most scary part, so help yourself to ideas. They are reasonably cheap. When people tell you not to obsess about things you can’t control, half of them really mean ‘don’t be morbid’, they don’t really mean to be saying you shouldn’t make it something you can control, or make fantastic discoveries that both help you and win you a Nobel prize in medicine. The other half are too foolish to believe you really can.

    Study up on the cornea, study up on the ingredients in your soda. If you want a plan B in case all efforts fail, read the studies on how to be a human bat. Find the geekiest friend you know and have them rig up a b/w webcam to something that creates a pressure map you can feel. (Such an invention, btw, might easily make you a millionaire, whatever happens, as there is nothing remotely similar out there. Your hand is more than sensitive enough, if the design is good.)

    The key is to be active and positive. If the problem you are trying to solve doesn’t have any good answers, change the problem. Is the newly-discovered layer of the cornea significant? What is the state of artificial cornea? Attempts were made to build displays that put the image directly onto the retina, with an eye for people with cornea or lens issues. Did anyone succeed? Would it be possible for your friends to homebrew such a device, if there are none medically approved?

    You already know the ultimate answer you want, just keep changing the questions until you find acway to make them fit together.

  8. {{{{{Benni}}}}} I can’t imagine the fears you must be facing right now. I definitely send you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz of health and wellness, peace and comfort, and most of all, CHEEZLUBS!!!1!

  9. Mennee mennee BEEEEEEEEEEMZ tew yew foar clam adn peas tew heyllp yew faiyund ae wae tew keurrekkt dys prawbleum wiffa kwykkneuss, Dr. Tinycat wihl faiyund ae wae tew fyxx thyss foar yew, inna meeyntaiyum ai izz seynndun BEEEEEEEEEEEMZ tew yew, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>++++>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+++++++>>>>>>>>>
    Dey izz berree pawsatybb Beemz kuzz deres pleussus innum!! +++++

  10. Sending beams and hopeful thoughts and prayers your way, Benni. You don’t ever have to worry about unloading too much, we are here for you in good times and scary times.

  11. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Benni}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} what bf said, this is teh rite place to unload. and of course we unnerstands that u am scared. here’s beeeeeeems of comfort and calmness an heeling coming ur wae =================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>{{{{{{{{{{Benni}}}}}}}}}}

  12. o.O Oh my, with so many Angels out there taking care of me, I feel so safe and blessed! Thank you everyone, for the beams, hugs, prayers, advice, et al! Your help is priceless. *beeeeeeg hugz tu awl*

  13. Ohai Benni! Wut ebber halp ai kin gib bi sendifying heeling beems ob lub anna cornsern ai wull sendify naow anna keep sendifying! Lyke overs hab sed, dunt bi shi abaowt sharwing yur feers anna feewings heer. Wi habs all bcomb fwens alla awoun da whirled anna kom binded fr sum weason so dat wi kin halps eech otter inna gudgud anna wurriedeed anna bad tymes! Keep us posted ok?


  14. OMCC! BEEMING hard frum Middul Urth West fur Benni’s eyz and fur Benni’s Dr. TinyEyz tu find a safe and simple solution to teh problem.
    Whew, that is not a problem that I wood wish awn ennywun, speshullee nawt a Cheezie. Plz tu noe dat many gud thots are heded in yur direxshun! MORE BEEMS! and yeth, plz tu keep us postid, plzktnx!

  15. Ohai. You’ve been dealing with something scary and challenging your whole life, asking for beems is the right thing to do! Here’s hoping Dr. TinyEyz has gud nuze!

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