Uppydate: Benni’z Eye

In  mai inbox frum Benni

Ohai everyone!
Unfortunately, I don’t really know anything new at this time.  The scan has been done, but now I have to wait till this coming Thursday (  A whole THREE (3) sleeps still to go!!!   ) to see the eye specialist again before I get any real answers.
What I CAN tell you (from Googling and sneaking a peak at the scan) is that the cell count of my eye is fine, which is great news, but I’ll hold off on the happy dance till Thursday…
Hugs, boops, hedbonks adn purrz,

6 thoughts on “Uppydate: Benni’z Eye

  1. Ohai Benni….glad there is reason to hope!! Prayers and beeeeeeeeeemz continue!
    *gets dancing shooz adn sparkly ribbon fingees reddy for Thursday*

  2. Benni: Ai hopes you haz gud gnus frum da eye doctor.
    Can they do an intraocular lens implant like they do for cataracts? Justa thot.

  3. Ohai ebriwun. Ai juss kinnawt get ovir hao menny lurvalee littlol Angels r luk luk lukking awt fer meh! Fankeez, hugs adn hedbonks tu awl!
    Tu anser ur kwrschun, onleekitteh, enni surgery awn mah ii iz dubblolee risky, as ai onlee hab teh wun ii still werking, so it haz tu b reeeely nesisareh adn ammost sir tin dat it will werk befoar wii kin eben konsider it. Butt(!), fankeez fur teh sir jest chin, iz awais gud tu trai tu noes awl avaylablol opshuns!

  4. ai fink aisle hold mai breff untillz u getz da gud knewz. ………, weightin,…….weightin…….*brebez in b4 ai passes awt* ok aisle juss weight impatientli. mai thotz r wif u.

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