Nooz frum Benni!

Lookee wut landinged in mai inbox dis morning!  

Hello all my little angels,

Thank you soooo much for all the beems, hugs, prayers and thoughts!  They definitely helped a lot, not only in keeping me sane, but also with the end result, I’m sure!  😀

My appointment with the eye specialist Dr was moved up to yesterday afternoon (thank goodness!!!), so I have more hair left that I’d thought I would…  o.O Anyway!

The Dr had a look at the scan results and confirmed that my eye cells look healthy.  After a lot of trouble getting my eye’s pupil (not the school kind) to dilate (it’s a bit more “rigid” than most pupils…), the Dr could look inside to my optic nerve and also confirm that everything looks healthy an well there, too!  So, with all the major worries removed, that left one culprit… The contact lens.  The Dr even called in his colleague to double check.

I have been wearing soft contact lenses for about 10 years now, only during the day and I got a new one every year or so.  The Dr said that it was actually inevitable that my eye would start developing an issue with the contact lens at some stage, but they could never say when or how.  They also cannot say if the issue is due to the eye being irritated by the lens, or suffocated by it.  The result is the same:  I have to keep wearing my glasses for at least another week, after which I can slowly start incorporating wearing the lens again, but only after I have gone to my optometrist to work out what we can do to make the lens more friendly to my eye.

A lens transplant is a possibility, but because I only have the one eye still working, it is considered high-risk and will be the last option, should all else fail.

In the meantime, my eye is a little sore from all the stress, poking and prodding, but I’m doing better by the day!

Again, thank you to everyone for caring and supporting me!

Hugs, boops, hedbonks adn purrz,


17 thoughts on “Nooz frum Benni!

  1. Yea yea YEA yea /o\ \O/
    Oh,you must feel as tho an elephant has crawled off your sholders!! Such good news….

  2. Happitailol news indeed! {{{{Benni anna hur aie}}}} 🙂

    Ai noe wut yu meen abaowt da affer da zam inashun ob da aie. Ai habs 2 du da aieball loookie fing ebbery 6 mumfs. Ai habs a hedacke fr elebenty dais affer. Noe ufn!

  3. WOOT! Glad it wuz nawt sumfing moar sinister, Benni! Sorry fur teh payn and incormvenience yu had tu endure, but dang, this is gud gnus!
    (claps skalee paws tugedder)

  4. I have not been saying anything, because it’s been too darn hot (106 today), but you have been in my prayers! i’m so glad there is nothing seriously wrong! GOD bless you, dear one!
    Love you! —janey (altosinger)

  5. YAAAAY Benni, izz berree GUD nyooz, Dr. Tinycat habs habs hyeullpd yew adn izz taeykkn kaeer ub yeour aiy tew maeyk sheuur yew kud sea waer yew izz goan!!

  6. Eggsalad news! You could try talking to your eye, but the glasses sound a better idea. If you want to just fix the problem, then glasses it is. Now, if you want to have some silly fun fixing the problem, a conversation with your eye is recommended. Ideally, this would be somewhere you won’t be recognized and won’t return to. 🙂

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