2013 Kingston Cheezmeet

Prysma haz gibbed mii a linkee tu hur CheezeeMeet Report.   Ifinso dey awl had a wunnerful time!!

http://prysmcat.org/purr/2013/06/22/2013-kingston-cheezmeet/    yesterday on 21st June (summer solstice!) with honeycakerabbit, 4point5kittehs, seanya, and prysma! Muchness of fun was had!!!


9 thoughts on “2013 Kingston Cheezmeet

  1. Iz eezier tu duz on my blog, between Facebork peeps an Cheezland peeps, an wif so menny pics did nawt wanna hit teh cween wif tehm. 🙂
    We all hadda tired, but it was wurf it!!!

  2. Fankies PK fur da reports on da Cheezmeet. Ai like dat you putted dis on your blog since ai nawt hazza Facebork page. And fankies to Cweenmj to putting dis on da Cheez Town Cryer.

    • Huh? I was just there, pulling a few comments out of the spam bucket, so the site’s up and okay. Nawt has to be logged into anything to see it. You can try different browser, or something?

    • Acshoolee, same here, nao that I’z bak in Jerminee. Must b sumfin countree-relayted, maybe teh interwebs purrvider am stoopee. Keeps sayin “can’t find teh server”, although it was all fine an eezy while I wus in teh VLC. I did steal copy teh picshers, tho, so it’s ok for me.

      • Hmmmph, how rude of them. Well, we’re going to be switching hosts soon. (Just btw, can you see my writing site from there? It’s on the same host, which would confirm that’s the problem.)
        Meanwhile, upfi, I’ll emeow it to you, okay? {{{{{{{{{{teh Jermin Cheezpeeps}}}}}}}}}}

        • (HCR: Altho that mite eggsplain why I’m getting email error msgs – it’s looking like every emeow I sended you from my purrsonal emeow, rather than the Cheezland one, bounced!)

          • Can’t get to your writing site either, so Ifinkso that teh interwebs purrvider am indeed teh culprit. I tried sending u an emayo to ur purrsonal address last week, an it came back as undeliverable two or three days (!) layter. Reely odd. I’z used to trubble on Utyoob, but that’s because of strict Jurmin copyrite laws. Sumfin like this am entirely nyoo. An annoyin. *stiks tong out at interwebs purrvider*
            Ifinkso I’ll send sum picshers to teh cween to post on here, once I has sum frum nicewitch. That way we’ll circumvent teh problem.

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