Lymez DizEeze

Dis haz landed in mai inbox frum MamaCat:

ohai mai leej,

i kan haz beems? i haz teh pleh lymes disease frum teh nawty tiks, an sew mus haz anti biawtiks, an kan haz noe sun wile awn dem. dis iz teh pleh! feever iz goin down, hoep tu feel bedder soon…

30 thoughts on “Lymez DizEeze

  1. Mamacat, yew awr leukee dayut iyut wuz kawtt kwyklleee, Lyme dizeez mayusskeuraeyddz azz mennee uvvur aylmeuntz, yew habs ae GUD Dr. Tinycat tew faiyund thayut kwyykklee!!

    When I was a kid I’d spend summers out at my Uncles farm, the hounds there always had a load of ticks, I’d remove them from the dogs necks & ears & throw them over the fence into the chicken coop, after a while the hens got smart & would gather near the chicken wire as they saw me headed their way, also pulled big handfuls of grass for them too, never had any trouble with a tick fastening on me back then, the dogs were too handy a ride, in the occasional winter visit the remaining ticks would enjoy the embers in the wood cook stove

  2. Mamacat, Am sending beams and hedbonks. Plz to take your Aunty Biotiks all the way through. And mayk shur the doxtor follows up. I hadz the Lyme disease and took the Aunty Biotiks three tymes. I hab not had enny problems since. I hadz bad achies and febers and felt pleh. Plz to take gud care ob yourseff.

  3. OMCC! Teh pleh tix!! Ai hayt dem sew hard…..
    Mai frens wife had it and it went undiagnosed for over a year… they mis-diagnosed her with everything from MS to lupus, to ALS, to CC knows what all…. finally, a smart Dr, TinyCat sed, “ohai, yu lubs in teh wuds? Has yu hada tix byt yu?” and she was like, “only all the time…” and then they were able to start her on anti robotics and stuff, and even though she’d had it a LONG time, she’s fine now. Slathers on teh repellant when she goes out, though!! BEEMS fur yu frum Middul Urth West fur kwik recobberee!!

  4. Beeeeemitybeeeeeemitybeembeembeeeeeeems! I hoeps yoo feels bedderer beri soon — pleeze be sure to do awl the Auntie Biotics and ebberyfing else Dr. Tinycat says. Pleeze to taek gudgudgud care ob Self {{{{{{{Mama Cat}}}}}}}}} Wii sends yoo gentle massaj to helpify wif the achies and whooshy lubblee cool breezies to help wif the fevers…

  5. Dam tix!! Ai noes evbrey creatcher has a purrpose but its pritty hard to figgur owt wat deres wud be. Ai sends beems on ohai fur owr sweet mamacat tu recubbering kwiklee.

  6. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MamaCat}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Be sure you take all the antibiotics…
    Glad you have a good Dr that thought of Lyme

  7. Ohai awl. fank u fur awl teh beems, i fink dey iz helpin awl reddy! i pulls teh tiny tiny tiny deer tiks off teh kittehs awl teh tiem (deer tiks haz noe effect on kittehs, except tu drink teh blud) an wee fink wun crawled off teh kittehs onto me. i chek mai self ebree night, an thawt i had fownd dem in tiem, but then gotted sik an dr tinycat sez, did u nawt tell me u had teh pleh tiks? an i sez, yesh, i did, an he sez, anti biawtiks fur u!
    mai temp is down a bit tudai, sew iz feelin bedder, sew awl doze beems iz wurking gud! tik free hugz tu u awl!!

    • Ohai mamacat! We has lots of tix here, too. When u has peeled them off, make sure u killify them. I found out that an ordinary spoon does teh trik. Put teh tick on a hard surface, an then squishfy it. Wiff ours over here u hear a litl crak, then u know u has succeeded. (sorry for bein so graphic, butt Ifinkso it’s too dangerous to risk them crawlin round ur home. An flushin them in teh sink (while they’re still alive) does NOT work.)
      Also, when u peels them off urseff, use tick tweezers. They avoid sqeezin teh tix, so u don’t get as much nastiness in ur blood an lower teh risk of infecshun.

  8. I sowree I late – my emeow account hadda hikkup an did nawt gib me teh notificayshuning until nao!!!
    Plz plz plz tu get ober it wif a kwikness! Lubs an beems coming yur way on OHAI!!!! {{{{{{{{{{MamaCat}}}}}}}}}}

  9. Sendifying anuvver rownd of healifying beeeems to Mama Cat from da Midwest, wayre our river vallee woodzez haz way tew menny uv deez wee insidyus beasties! Turtlols frend wuz lukky she dinnunt haz the MS, lupus or ALS, but the Lymish Dizeez haz menny dizguyzes. My cuzzin’s boy was very ill and wuz dye egg nosed wiff da Juvie Nile Arthur Eyetis. But turned owt he had the Lyme Dizeaz insted. So, at leest it beez curable! Missing owt on da summer sun is a payne tho! Take care and get well soon!

  10. fank u ebreewun, mai feever is daown tudai, an i is feeling mush mush bedderer. dose ohi beems wurks gud! i haz tu stai awn teh aunti biawtics fur anuder weekweek, butt(!!) it seems they bee wurking!

  11. Just a word from an old nurse, that I’ve not seen anyone mention. (yes, I’m getting old, & I am a nurse). When removing a tick from the skin, take extra special care to assure the removal of its head. The body separates from the head easily, but if the head stays imbedded in the skin, it continues to inject more “stuff” that makes you sick. So be sure to look real close when removing those ticks this summer!

  12. {{{{{{Mamacat}}}}}}}}}} sorry you are feeling badly and hope you are better today, I wonder if that is what I have since I have been feeling pleh…….

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