Nooz frum MuggleMary:

Nooz frum MuggleMary:

Ohai, mai leej.

Mai mumcat died today. I just wantid to let teh teepeeps an cheezland peeps no. wuz nawt unexpecktid, shi was in hawspiss foar a cuppel weeks and jus faded slo lee. ai hab nawts bin arownd laytlee bekaws ob tihs, an mai darkniss. just wantit tew lets mai gudfrens no. mai dadcat bi fine, mai bigbruddercat bi fine, his wife bi fine ( eben tho HUR mumcat died 2 weeks ago) an mai liddlul brudder an famblee are in jurmanee fur a cupple weeks sew  wi nawt bi doin enneefin sun. peeps at hur owld foaks hoam were berree sweet an kind tew us. mai dadcat bi 86 an mai mumcat wuz 85. tehy wud hab had tehr 65 weddung anniversairee tihs septemburr.

hugs an schmoos fur awl mai gudgudgud frenz.


38 thoughts on “Nooz frum MuggleMary:

  1. Our Hearts go out to you, Honey. So sorry for your loss. Remember, we here are family to each other and care deeply. Bless you and your loved ones, Always, Solaria/Nippy.

  2. Thae habs raeyzzd MuggleMary sew yew knoe dey awr GUD peeypeul, yeur mumcat ayum waeytun wyf paeysheunz oebeurr the brijj foar yeur dadcat tew karawss oebeurr seumtaiyum inna feuutcheuur.
    Dey wyl syt and tawwk adn hab mennee nais pyknykz inna shayud unneur ae taree wyf ae nais sawfft bareez adn ebbun seyund thaer dotteur MuggleMary seum nais beemz ub lub tew yew form dere tew!!
    Pleez cept mai condolences awn yeur lauws.

  3. Shmooos all around Ladie — a peaceful esy end to the summerlands wherever they may be ,,, Lubz to yur hole famiblie … ❤ and I'm sendin u a spechil warm Hugggz ….

  4. My heartfelt sympathies, MuggleMary, on your great loss. Even when not unexpected, the loss of a mother is uniquely sad. My own momcat was in hospice after long disability from several strokes, so it was a mercy when she finally slipped quietly away. But it was still overwhelmingly sad for us and we miss her 4 years later. Deepest condolences.
    {{{{{Muggle Mary and family}}}}}

  5. {{{{{{{{{{mugglemary}}}}}}}}}}} I’m so sorry for your terrible loss. Sending beems of comfort an lubs to u. Ur mumcat must has been a very speshul purrson to raise such a wonderful mugglemary.

  6. Ai hazza sincere sowwy…izza hard fing to lose a momcat. Wii surroundifies yoo wif beeems, lubs, and supports….

    “O Bawss ob CC, whose mercies cannot be numberated: Haccept owr prayers and beems on behalf ob Mugglemary’s mawmcat, and grant her an entrance into the Meadow of light and joy, in the fellowship of thy Cheezpeeps, and awl the heart kittehs and doggies and other animlols, now and furebber. Anom.” BCP, adapted

  7. MM ai iz sew sorree tew heer abowt yore Momcat. Ai lostid mai Momcat ober 20 yeers ago, hur is still missded deeplee. It whuzzint unexpected wif hur eever, still didn’t mayk it hurt anee less.

    Much love to you and your family. If there is anything we can do please don’t hesitate to ask.


  8. Ai hazza big sad for and wif u, MM. May peace and warmth surround you and your family as you remember a life well lived and well loved.
    {{{{{MM and famblee}}}}}

  9. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MugglolsMary}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Mai hart iz borkt fur yoo, deer frend. ♥

  10. {{{{{{{{{{MM, famblolee adn frenz}}}}}}}}}}
    Ai unnerstandz. Mai mumkat crawst teh bridge 3 yeers ago due tu beri nasty melanoma cancer. Ai went dark frum teh innerwebs fur a wyle, tu. Sumtyms yoo juss need tu b IRL wiff ur IRL peeplolz.
    We lurv yoo adn am finking uv yoo adn ur lurved wuns!
    Yoo’ll always miss hur, butt(!) a part uv hur will alwais b wiff yoo.

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