Lunarmommy Rites a Book

  • *hazza annownsingment*

    az many ob yoo know, i writes fantasy buks and sells them online. i just releesed my nawt-thrud buk a few weeks ago, an wuld like to make dis speshul offer for my cheezfrends. from now until September 30st, yoo can get a coupon code to get a free copy of my noo buk, Chosen of Azara, from Smashwords. Chosen of Azara used to be up on a website I had, and I know sum peeps red it there, but now it haz elebenty-hundred purrsent noo an improoved!

    heers teh skoop:

    book link (to chek it owt to see if yoo are interested): Chosen of Azara –

    Smashwords sells internationally, and wif purchase (eben free purchase) yoo get permanent access to teh buk in many sordid formats: Kindle, epub (most other ereaders), PDF, web page, and others. yoo can download wahtever/how many formats you want, wen yoo want.

    if yoo want teh free coupon code, emeow me at: moon_momma at msn dot com an tell me yor cheezland name (lurkers welcome too! even if yoo haz never commented, just tell me you’re a lurker and cheezland sent you).

    in jooly, there iz also a 50% off coupon for my other book, Urdaisunia (, but free coupon codes for that book are still available upon rekwest.

    If you want to reed the book but for sum reezon do not want to go through smashwords, tell me and I will emeow you a PDF version.

    again, my emeow: moon_momma at msn dot com

    fank yoo for yor attenshuns.


3 thoughts on “Lunarmommy Rites a Book

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{LM}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Concatyoolayshunz, deer frend! Dat am sew ossim! Ai haz sucha happeh fur yoo, an sucha prowd ub yoo! Nao wen yoo’z a beeg faymuss riter, we can say we gnu yoo wen… 🙂

  2. Fankees Lunarmommy! De tawent anna krea tibiti ob da Cheezpeeps allus a mazez mi! Wut a gwate bunncha peeps 2 spen tyme wiff ebberydai!

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