Party Tiyme

*tug, tug*
*push push*
Skewz mii!
*push push*
make way!!
*tug tug*
Cumming frew wif big announscingment!!!
Whew!! I made it!!!”
*plops annownsingment down*

Guess wut?!?!?!
Tuday wii am wun munf away frum deh WUN YEER ANNIBIRFARRY uf Cheezland!!!!
YES!! it’s tru!!! On August 14th Cheezland will b Wun whole yr old!!!

Wii needz tu sillybrate dis auspishuss okayzhun wif LOLZ adn parades adn pool partyz and games!!!

Plz tu making sum speshul LOLS fur Prysma to posting on Aug 14th. Deh subject can bii deh Anniberthary, pool partys (swimming), parades, etc.

A schedule uf awl deh festivities will b forthcoming. Az soon as I figger it owt. ;)

6 thoughts on “Party Tiyme

  1. Wair duzz teh taiyum goe???????, wee jeusst staweurttd dys ae lyddl byt bayuk, ai fautsoe, naow izzuts awlmoeust ae yeer, taiyum habs pykkd eup teh paes ae byt, AIKNOESOE!!

  2. dear cweenmj, I has a problem, my putor whent howee and now I’ve lost my way to cheezland. Would you be so kind as to send me a map? I mostly lurk but enjoy reading what is going on and seeing the kittehs and sometimes my own on the screen. Thank you so bery bery much sincerely, Mareelouise

    • Teh link is to teh rite unner “Cheezy stuff” 😉
      Iz just
      I sowree yu hazza computer problems, I hopeso iz all fiksed nao!!!

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