Cheezee Awards


Kin I haz ur attentions, plz?

Deh wun yeer Anniberthary am coming and it haz ben proposed dat wii haz Awards, like deh Oscars! Ifinso dey shud b deh Cheezeez!! Sum uv u haz been asking wen deh nommynations will b.

Dhere will b NO nommynations

“Wut?” u ask, “No nommynationz???”

“Yesh,” I sez!

“Why?” u ask.

Fur Twu reezunz.

Wun, Ebbreebuddy in Cheezland am a winner!! Datz rite! Dhere am only winners heer!

Twu, If wii haz NOMMYnayshuns, dey will get eeted. :roll:

Heer am how it will work:

Deh Cheezeez Award Dinner will b on the 6 pm LOL on August 14th.

You Announce deh Catergory and deh winner, wif a link if possiblol.
Like dis:

In deh Category Best Bunway Airlinez LOL, Deh Cheezee goez to *opunz enbelope* Bunway Airlines Flight Simulator by Suburban Prairie!!

Of course, ur Award comment kin b a lot more elaborate dan dat. Deh winners can gib acceptance speeches, and deh crowd kin make comments.

Ennywun kin Award anywun fur ennyfing. U k award peeps, u kin award pun runs, u kin award LOLz, u kin award komments, u kin award ennyfing u wants.

5 thoughts on “Cheezee Awards

  1. *gasp* Mii? Ai can haz wun a Cheezee?
    *fans salf* O, mai! Ai yam sew onnurd!
    *kleers frote* Ai wuld liek tu fank teh Cween fur hur nommynayshun… it wuz berry taystee, mai Leej. An ai wuld liek tu fank teh skwee kitteh fur simyoolayting flite awn behaff ub Bunway… yoo’ll be innerestid tu noez him haz addid teh bbbrrrzzzpppttt sownd! Sew reelistiklol! An ai’d liek tu fank awl teh wunnurmus peeps ub Cheezland, fur… well… juss fur being sew wunnurmus!
    *bauz, curtseez, waybs, sheds a teer, exits stayj left*

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