Deh Princess Crossed deh Bridge

Dis just intu mai inbox frum Shepmom:

Mai Liege,

Teh Princess crossed teh Bridge dis mornmornmorning.  Ai hazza borked.  Pleeze to lets ebberywun gnoe?




34 thoughts on “Deh Princess Crossed deh Bridge

  1. Oh, Shepmom, I am so sorry to hear this. Many many hugs, and good thoughts while you mourn the passing of such a wonderful friend. {{{{{{{shepmom and Princess}}}}}}}

  2. *hangs hed az teh Printsess flotes past, awn hur weigh tu teh Meddoe*
    *gibs teh sweet, sad Shepmom a hyooj hugzs*
    *whispurrs in hur eer* Mai hart am borkt fur yoo.


    I am so, so sorry, dear one. I wish you peace and comfort, love and understanding. ♥

  3. +places arm ober Shepmom’s shoulders+ ❤ Many tears we may cry together — while Princess journeys ober da bridge of dreams —- to a land filled wid allz our heart famibly to play and romp till we allz meet againz. ❤

  4. ((((((Shepmom)))) All awer heartz iz breakin foar yu. Be assurid Princess will be welcomed bai the Nightwatchman oer the bridge to teh Meadow to play wif lotsa new frens.

  5. for Shepmom adn Princess

    wer yoo shood be tehrez ownlee greef
    mai hart haz goen adn ai aloen
    ar leff tu fayse teh endless dae
    for ai karnt folloe wer yoov floen
    butt ai haz dreemz adn memmoreez
    wif tehm ai forj eternal chaynz
    noe mattur wer teh fyootyur leedz
    be shoor mai luv for yoo remaynz

  6. O, Shepmom, Ai haz a sawry dat ur behbeh haz crawsed de Bridge. U haz a greef so mush and wii want tew serowned u wif lubs and beems. Ai iz sew sawry dat Princess haz gawn ober da Bridge! Mai Missy B, Sunny and uvvers will be dere tew greet Princess. Let us, the Cheezfrens, help hold u and lub u. Let us gib u owr hugs! Mai prayrz and sorrow iz wif u. {{{{{{Princess and Shepmom}}}}}}} Mai aiz dey leek. Wii lubs u, Shepmom and Princess.

  7. Ai haz a sadz fr yu Shepmom. Fink ob aowr bebehs rompin inna da meddow, dat allus halped mi a liddlol tini beet.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{Shepmom and Princes}}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. Ai hasa sad wif yu, Shepmom. BEEMS for yu and awl hoo lubbed and worshiped teh Princess…
    (hands owt pritty embroidered hankees to awl)

  9. Fankees beri muchly, ebberywun, for awl the kind werds and fots. Ai misses her sew much. Wii habs awl been fru dis – iz deh price wii pay. But ai wouldn’t habs missed a moment wif mai little grrrrl for ennyfing.

  10. Ohai, Shepmom. Ai haz a berry layte in my Cryer reedings, so am just reading yoar sad, heartborking nooz. My deepest symphonies on yoar loss of your byootiful Princess. Az you sedd, dis greef is da pryce we all muss pay for loving another. {{{{{Shepmom an her Princess}}}}}

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