Wendy Haz Fiyr!

EEEP!!!!!  Catsablanca sendinged mii dis:

Ohai, Mai Cween.  Last nait Wendy Zdrodowski hadz a fyre in hur bed!  Wyle shii wuz innit! 

Wendy posted this on Facebook around Midnight:

First of all, Winslet and I are OK.

That said, my apartment caught fire tonight. I woke to the smell of smoke (my hardwired detector in the bedroom never went off), yanked the electrical cords, tried to put it out with water, couldn’t get the fire extinguisher to work, turned off my phone in a panic, banged on slightly-less-asshole-now-neighbor’s door, he called 911 and got the extinguisher working, fire department came and put things out. Minor property damage – mattress and bedslats – and everything reeks of smoke, but we’re OK. Likely cause was something electrical, as there were several cords in the area where it started

Called Jacob Lesgold who came to get us and let us stay the night at his place. I probably have some mild smoke inhalation but I have my inhaler and am drinking lots of water. Texted in that I may not make it to work tomorrow, but may try anyway. Lots of cleanup and buying extra smoke detectors tomorrow.

Expecting total emotional breakdown any time now so if anyone is awake feel free to call/text/message me. It’s going to be a long night

Today she’s posted two ways to help her:


For PayPal, use wendyzdrodowski@gmail.com

Oh, and as the Burfdae Fairy knows, tomorrow is Wendy’s birthday!!


20 thoughts on “Wendy Haz Fiyr!

  1. Oh no! What a terrible thing to happen, especially at night on your birthday eve! I’m glad you and Wislet are okay. Thank goodness for neighbors who help. {{{{{{{Wendy and Wislet}}}}}}}

  2. Onoes! am happi tu heer u an winslet ar okay, but how scarey dat mush haev bin! i iz happi happi u iz boff otay. yesh, haz small brakedown, u needz tu relees teh stress. den u kan pick up an goes eben beddererer!
    hugs frum me an cali an mia

  3. Uppydate: Wendy has received enough donations to cover her expenses! She says “This means the world to me. For those of you who donated, who planned to donate, or who wished they could donate, I will always be grateful.”
    You can read about it here: http://www.gofundme.com/4isaao

  4. I has nawt has breakdown yet, but I finkso soon.
    Winslet is safe at “Bunny Camp” – being boarded at the shelter I adoptified her from – until Monday. I am safe at the Best Western in Evanston, also through Monday. Courtesy of my insurance company. The gofundit was plenty to cover my deductible plus random things they might cover. At this point we let the insurance and 2 different kleening companies do theyr majic while I hasa rest.
    I is drinking a Jamba smoothie which, judging by the weird sludgy red-brown color is probably as healthy as they claim it is.
    So, under the circumstances, things are about as well as can be – there is still annoyance and paperwork to deal with, but Winslet and I are both safe and cared for.

    • 😯
      *grabs Wendy an Winslet, an skweeeeeeeeeeeeeeezis*
      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Wendy an Winslet}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
      O, ai yam SEW HAPPEH yoo am bofe otays!!!1! Mai littlol hart am gowing thumpittythumpthumpthump juss reeding bowt yur ordeel! Ai wish ai culd haz a monie tu send yoo, butt ai nawt haz.:-( Ai duz send yoo an littlol Winslet beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz ub teh ohaiest magnitood!!!1!


  5. {{{{Wendy & Winslet}}}}}

    Sawree, butt the term “Bunny Camp” quacked me up. Ai yam pixoring liddol bunbuns in skowting yoo knee forms rownd a campfire wiff karrots awn stix.

    Glad yu am bofe otay!!

    • Well, dey gets playtime an salads an toys, but she is nawt happee dere. Dere are lotsuv noyses an smells dat are not home. I went to visit her today, and she sulked at me and thumped quite a bit until I was permitted to pet her, and even to pick her up and cry into her furs. She snuggloled next to my leg for a while but I had to go. I’m hoping to bisit tomorrow too.

  6. I’ve already replied on Cheezfrenz, but wanted you to have some extra hugz, just coz!
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Wendy and Winslet}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    All my love —janey

  7. So glad you are well! How scary! I would have replied on FB, but it is borked again. This birthday business is rough! my birthday earlier this week was not good, either, and I wound up in the hospital next day, so let’s both of us hope that next year we both have very good birthday times with no stupid stuff happening! {{{{{{{Wendy and Winslet}}}}}}}

    • Oh, I finkso I hadda grate birfday present. I waked up.
      Srsly – dere was no real reeson for me to have waked up – the smoke detector didn’t go off. But I woke up just as the fire was getting started – the smell of burning dust and a pale yellow light from under the bed.

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