Adopt a Kitteh

Dis am frum Marmalady via Prysma:

Dear cheeze peeps,

it is with a heavy heart I need to ask my friends for help in finding a home for my tuxy Oreo. He is a fantastic opinionated Siamese tuxy who loves laps, cuddles, ears scrtiches, make lots of biscuits, and purrrrrrrrrrs. He is 5 years old good with kids, dogs, other kitties, full litter box trained. Knows how to use a kitty door. He comes with food, toys, scratching mouse, carrier, leash and harness, litter and litter box. He love the nip chasing and killing bugs. He is a indoor with outdoor privileges on a leash kinda guy. I need to rig one him because my sister who I live with just found out she is very allergic to kitty. I live in Fort Worth tx but will arrange transport to anywhere. Big tears of sadness.

Please help me, Marmalady.



18 thoughts on “Adopt a Kitteh

  1. I used to work for James Willoughby who was president of American allergists. His clinic routinely dealt with cat allergies, including my husband’s. We have 3 cats and no allergies. Pleasue do check out an allergy clinic. If it costs too much, set up an account with GoFundMe and all us crazy cat ladies can chip in. Please check out this option. Oreo and his Mawm should not be torn asunder except as a seriously last resort.

  2. What a beeyootimus tuxie kitteh! Inna basket, too! I hope all this turns out well, whether a new home is found either temp or perm, or if allergy treatments work, or whatever–this is a hard sad thing for you! Best wishes!

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