Twinki Goes tu deh Bridge

  • Calico325 says:

 Totally off-thread, but: On October 14, a gloomy, overcast, rainy day here in eastern Arkansas…my 16-year-old calico love of my life, Twinki, died in my arms, as I held her emaciated little body, like a furry baby, to my heaving chest…while I sobbed uncontrollably. She had stopped eating many days previously, but I’d only allowed myself to finally come to terms with the truth just the night before…my baby was dying, and had been for some time. It was at that point of realization that I scooped her limp, already nearly-lifeless body in my arms, held her up to my left shoulder, sat in the rocker, and just rocked her, holding her warm, furry body…sobbing, “Oh, Twinki, What ever am I going to do without you???” throughout the night and into the next day.
As the pink liquid was injected into her small foreleg vein, I kissed her little tennis ball-sized head (it was warm to my trembling lips), and whispered, “Do a happy-tail dance for me, too. Momma loves you; don’t ever forget that.” I looked in her eyes just as her third eyelid slid over half of the surface of her eyes. I sighed, “She’s gone”, and then poured my heart out in a new flood of tears.
I had walked in the building with the love of my life cradled in my arms…and walked out with a shattered, empty heart.
Thank you Cheezpeeps for your “ear” on this, the most heart-wrenching day I can remember.

Sue Nichols
Van Buren, Arkansas


43 thoughts on “Twinki Goes tu deh Bridge

  1. Oh, Sue, how heartbreaking! So sorry for your painful loss. Twinki knew you loved her, that is sure. May you find comfort in your memories and the love surrounding you.
    {{{{{Twinki and Sue}}}}}

  2. Twinki is duing a happitaylol dansdansdans in teh meddo rite nao. Her sez “mawm!! Luk!! See hao plump adn helfee ai is? See hao shinee mai furs am? See teh lite in mai ais?” Den seh skampurrs awf wiff her noo frends, to find de bestist spot in teh sunnyshyne.

    Mai hart hurts fir yore loss, butt ur Twinki gurl will alwaes bi wiffu. Alwaes. {{{{sue}}}

  3. Oh, Sue, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. But, as muchcat says, Twinki is all healed, and is plump and her coat is clean and shiny, her eyes are clear and bright, and she is dancing with the butterflies in the meadow. It is strange and sad/happy that the most wonderful gift we can give our furbabies, the gift of a peaceful farewell, is such a heartbreaking one for us. Know that you did the right thing, because giving someone peace is the most beautiful gift to give ANY one. Many hugs and squeezes.

  4. Ai yam sew sawrree tu reed dis. Sue, ai hoeps yur payn will be eezd sune, an yoo’ll find peace wif dis. Twinki, ai hoeps yoo can hazza gudgudgud laif in teh Meddoe. Ai’ll ask mai hart-goggie Lucy tu czeck in awn yoo. Hur’z gud at gibbin kissiz. ♥

  5. My Beeemz iz fur your heart —- I hopez uze findz peace in knowin all our fur-babies that are waiting to play ober the bridge with yur lil love …. where she will wait for you amoung many friends ….. ❤ dragonryder

  6. I’m so sorry to read this. It’s awful,they don’t live nearly long enough.

  7. Oh, Sue, sending you love and hugs. You did a loving, caring, unselfish thing. Twinki will find many loving friends across the bridge. My little Topo (my avatar) and Sochi and all the other sweet kitties, now healthy and lively, will meet her and play with her. The loving Nite Watchman will guide her and care for her.
    Those of us on the other side of the bridge send you love and hugs to help you with the sadness. We’ve felt it too.

  8. You write eloquently of Twinki’s end. May it give you peace to know that you were there for the good and the bad.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Twinki & Sue}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  9. Dearest Sue, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. My Smudge is among the many who will welcome Twinki across the bridge. Sixteen years of love – what a gift. {{{{{{{{{{{Sue and Twinki}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. Sue, I am on here very occasionally, not nearly as much as I want to be but, I was so moved by your words. I am so very sorry! As others have said, Twinki knew she was loved and you did a wonderful thing for her in releasing her from pain, although it was hard to let her go. Sending you hugs from Houston. (((((Sue))))))

  11. Sue, I am so deeply sorry for this loss of such a long-time companion. The gift you gave Twinki, to leave this world snuggled in your arms, is beyond measure and I’m sure she blesses you for it right now. The Cheezpeeps are here for you, and we understand both the love and the pain. My eyes, they leak…

  12. Sue: As I was reading about you and Twinki I lived again through all my heart kittehs and goggies going over the bridge. Remember, the love never dies.
    {{{{{Twinki adn Sue}}}}}

  13. Deer Sue, I’m so very sorry to hear of Twinki’s journey to the Bridge. I can has mai 17 yeer old Scottish Fold, Miss Bonny, who is looking in that direction even now, and I cried along with you because i know how you feel.
    May CC dry your tears as you know that Twinki is in teh Meadow wif awl of our heartkittehs who have gone before, and goggies, and turtlols, and ratties, and fishies, and bunbuns and effury otter animolol that we hyoomins give our hearts to are all there, too, welcoming her.
    heer….here’s a bloo bisi blankee and sum chawklit possums tu mayk yu be feline bedder, a liddlol.

  14. O nose! I needz mai beemz cannon fur dis one!

    *Hurrf….hurrrf…pushiez…pushies hur beemz cannon*

    Beemz cannon wayrmingz up!

    ~~~NEYOOW NYEEOW NYEOOW…*cough cough splutter* *ded*~~

    Beemz cannon iz awn teh fritz againz.

    Butt (!), AI sends yu mai own beemz!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Twinki & Sue}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  15. Sue, not a dry eye here. I am so sorry for you r loss of Twinki….thinking back on all of my animal friends it is tough to loose one that is so dear to your heart, she knows your love and your love allowed you to let her go…. (((((Sue))))))
    from sue ❤

  16. for Calico325 adn Twinki

    ai kannot moov
    ai kannot see
    teh fyootyur howlds
    noe hoep for mii
    teh howrz turn
    mai hart haz broek
    ai trai tu speek
    butt ownlee choek
    wot iz tehre leff
    tu struggl for
    wen awl ai lub
    iz heer noe moer
    shood ai goe on
    iz tehre a wae
    tu battul froo
    anubber dae
    butt wen teh payn
    deemanz reeleese
    mai last gift woz
    teh gift ov peece

    • Sunovawot: From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your poem…I feel honored that you would respond in such a heartfelt manner. I’ve copied your wonderful words down on paper, and whenever I get internet service, once again, on my PC, it will be entered into my journal of Twinki’s life and demise. Again, thank you. Calico325

  17. {{{Sue and Twinki}}} ai nawt noes whut ai wuz gunna doo wivout Morgan, either.

    sumhow, we muddlez along, with a kitteh shape hole where owr hart shud be.

  18. {{{{{Sue and Twinki}}}}} you were the very best mom you could be to Twinki, you made sure she didn’t suffer needlessly, its NEVER easy to say goodbye to a dear friend who’s a family member and a beloved son/daughter, that’s what we have to do when we say good bye to our dear little Keows (Kitty+Meow)
    All of my dear little kitties are now playing with Twinki right now along with all the other pets there, she will be back with you someday when you go over the bridge.
    I know I’ll have a glorious reunion with all my furry little buddies, Miss Feistybutt who is laying right in front of the monitor as I type this is 16, someday I’ll have to do what you just did, that’s when we love them so much we won’t let them suffer.
    I do know how you feel, in my life I’ve had to do that 11 times, I do sympathize with you, it never gets easier either because we do love them.

  19. {{{{{{Sue & Twinki}}}}}} I know that all of my babies who are in the meadow will welcome Twinki with open uh, paws. I always feel like I waited too long to let them go but we just love them so much and feel so much pain with their leaving. But I console myself knowing that it is a loving gesture and only done with love and caring. Fly away, little Twinki, fly away to the meadow where you will play in the sunshine with good health and good friends. Smooos.

  20. Someone once told me, when I was in deep grief for yet another too-soon gone furbaby, that they have a shorter lifespan than us so that we can learn a lesson. I never did learn what that lesson was because the “friend” was physically ejected and strongly advised to perhaps impart their wisdom somewhere else. Preferably another time zone. There are no deep lessons or meanings, other than I learned my heart can break over and over as each little furry soul leaves us. And my heart is now breaking for you and your little Twinki. I know that each of them is waiting somewhere (meadow, bridge, heaven?) for us. As my mum used to say, ” If there are no animals in heaven, then you might as well call it hell.” Anom .
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Sue and Twinki}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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