SkwirlGrrrl needz Halps

Dis important msg comes tu us frum 4point5kittehs:

Ohai mai Liege,

{lolspeak off} As you may have heard, Skwirl Grrrl’s kitteh Mr. Boi is having trouble peeing and that is SERIOUS. His regular V-E-T can’t figure out the cause. Although money is very tight, SG is taking him to a specialist.

LCB has settinged up a site where peeps can give a money or 2 if they’re able:

We would be very grateful if you could put this in the Cryer!

With many thanks and hugs,

4point5kittehs aka Diamond Kitteh xo



5 thoughts on “SkwirlGrrrl needz Halps

  1. I had this problem with my Keows, SOLUTION — Half a bowl of dry food, fill to the top with HOT water, let sit, they all swell up from the water & give to Mr. Boi when its cooled down a little.
    I had 4 Keows to feed so I fed a whole bowl full at a time, adjust size of bowl ( or amount of food) for Mr. Boi, a small saucer will work, MORE water, more litter box visits & NO mineral crystal build ups in the bladder stopping up the euretheura & causing toxic shock.
    Good luck with this, hope Mr. Boi is O.K. & likes his food served up this different way, try this & see if it helps!!
    BEEEEEMZ tew Mr. Boi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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