Awesumnesses frum damommza:

Ai haz MOWST AWESOMISTMISTMIST NOOOOOOZ!!!! (ai so egg sighted, Ai cna hardlee breev)


A while ago sunovawot was asked by an Italian Graduate Student if  one of his LOL poems >could be included in a paper that was being written on LOL as a new language. He gave his permission and he received a copy of the published paper yesterday. Not only is his beautiful “For Saaski and Kitteh” memorial poem there  (on the Conclusion page)  but many, many peeps from ICHC are quoted!

The paper is only 19 pages long but the numbers on the pages start at 90 (it’s part of a book) so don’t be overwhelmed by how long you think it is.
There are more peeps  than I can copy but a few are:
bluesfan473, WestRiverrat, GizzerKitty, muchcat, Annipuss, pewpew, AngelPlume,

MsKittyKittyPusspussMeow, abikertoo, poussinboi, ozcatmum, niser, sunovawot  and many, many more.

Pleez tu  psot tihs in teh cryer fur  awl teh cheezpeeps so tehy cna  enjoy  tihs tu!  Fang Q Deer Cween!


  1. OMCC, dis am most ossimist, indeed! Aldoe ai hadda hard thyme reeding awl dat ingrish, it wuz werf teh effert… adn ai lernifyd fings! 😯 Sew, dat meenz ai can go hoem nao, yesh? :mrgreen:

    Conga rats espeshully tu sonuvawut awn being feetchurd sew prawminintlee (tiz a trooly byootimus pome), adn tu awl deer frendz hoo wuz kwotifyd… yoo can haz FAYM! 😀

    Aifinkso dis berry astoot stoodink haz treetid us adn owr komyoonitee wif grayt respeks. Ai hoeps him duz well awn hims paypurr, adn in laif!

  2. Clappitty Clappp! Yea Sunovawot, naow da hole whirld wull injoi yur berry grate tallint jus az wi habs fr ebber! Anna aor kummunitie habs bean wekognizeded az de berry eentewestin peeps dat wi ar! HooWai fr sunobawot anna us tu!

  3. disizzit
    deh shyningniss ob deh cheezpeeps anna ossimnissiz ob deh sunovawot is nao reveeeldifyied anna whirld iz whirling raond deh feets ob deh cheezkittehz an stuff

  4. Diss am so eggsighting! Cleerly we am teh ossimist peeps ebber!
    *disslokates sholdur patting frenz adn seff awn bakk*

    ‘This is so exciting. Clearly we are the most awesome people ever.’
    *dislocates shoulder patting friends and self on the back*


  5. Fur da win sunovawot! Hoo adn ray. In da artikle, paragraf 2.2 it menshuns DOP adn da drop in visitors las year. Den it menshuns our own Wif much fanks tu PK adn Seanya adn Lunarmommy adn many uvver peeps, we haz been notised. We iz internashinal! YEA FUR US. Cheezpeeps rule!

    • it gibs me a happytaylol tu see teh names adn werds ov teh cheezpeeps leik Ms KittykittyPusspussMeow adn miniminsmum adn ozcatmum adn adn adn ,….. ebbrywun! 🙂

  6. I am cracking up — it appears that the author got so into lolspeek, dey forgotted to translate sum uv it!
    Notiss in dis wun, “Ai” doesn’t turn into “I”…

    (16) a. Ai iz glad ai kan be here to play for now!
    ‘Ai am glad I can be here to play for now!’
    [TrollingTomCat, 23.12.2011, 10:24 am]

  7. Wee izza iyun deh yeuunaveursatee paeypeurz, ai wub LUBS tew sea hym deh fyrs taiyum hee reunnd aekrawss aur syte, beytchyuh dere wuz LOSSA hed skraycchn goan awn, weunst hee gawtz iyut hee dyd seum reeseurch ADN heeyur wee izz.

    KAWEUN GARAYUDDJ YEUU LAEYYSHEUNNZ TEW ALLA DEH PEEPS, wee habs kreeyaetud awr oeun layngwych dayut kawt deh tennsheun ubba reeseyurcheur forma yeunuhveursatee, wee izz inna hystaree beukkz naow!!

    Ai hazza paraoud adn ae heummbl tew bee iyun dys uhsteeyummd gareuup ub SPEYSSHEUL PEEPS, ai krai fahr hayuppee!!

      • Ai izz berree hayuppee tew, dere meussta beeeyun seum aemaeyyzmeunt ayut alla deh tarayunnzlaeyshaeyun hee hadda dew, beut dass whut dey izz dew, gyttz beureed unnur ae stakka paeypeurz foar ae munff oar tew, deyun showz eup wyffa naid teereeteezz foar peubbleekaeyshaeyun, dass whut!!

        • Fankies CatBurgh adn muchcat, ai knawut knoe dayut iyut wuuza gurl, izz gud dayut wee habs gybb heur mennee laffz, dayuts whut deh cheezpeeps deu ennywai, wee izz awl heyur tew paroevvyd gud seuppoeurt tew eeych uvvr wyff laffs tew!!
          {{{{{CatBurgh adn muchcat}}}}}

  8. Ai haz receebingd a replai tu my emayo frum dat stoodink. Itza gurl, btw….ai asoomed rong. Seh started hur emayo in ambsolootly flawless lolspeak afore her braked intu ingrish. Hur sed wi Cheezpeeps gibbed hur manee lafflaffs adn happees.

  9. OMCC wii can haz a famus!!!1! Adn prysma adn sunovawut adn ozcatmum adn WestRiverrat adn bluesfan473 adn annipuss adn adn…. o mai!!!

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