kittynovich needs your beams…and maybe a little help

Hello cheezpeeps!

Cheezfriend kittynovich, who has already beaten cancer twice, has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is determined to kick cancer’s butt again. Please send beams and healing thoughts and good wishes.

But…..she is facing a huge financial hardship, for tests, treatment and surgery. Compounding matters is the fact that her husband is ill and unable to work and they currently have no insurance.

Times are tough all over, of course, but if you feel you could help a little please contact me, bluesfan473 at and I can tell you where to send it. Please put your cheezname/kittynovich or something similar in the subject line.

Bless you friends.

Hugs from bluesfan473


9 thoughts on “kittynovich needs your beams…and maybe a little help

  1. {{{{{Kitty}}}}} ♥
    Kitty, I am sending you so much love and so many beeeems, you will be lit up by them xxxxx

    bluesfan473 … I sentid yoo an e-meow……
    Claire/Tidmum from TTI

  2. Many prayers and beams of healing- The detestable cancer has taken many in my family, but only after hard and bitter fights that extended their lives, and many in my family are still around after having beaten it. {{{{{{{{{{kittynovich}}}}}}}}}}

  3. O Kitty, teh stoopy O’Berrian can surr. Been dere, dun teht, gott teh skar. U can beeting itt!! Sending paraers an beemz 4 u {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{kittynovich}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    An o yez: ai haddid noe Innyshurenz eever. Menny tymes teh horspittal habbing teh free oar chair itty care, an u can haz. Sumtymez is coe-pay, sumtimz nawt. U can asking dem an see.

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