Nooz frum Calico325

Calico325 says:

This little dust-bunny killer reminds me that I need to uppydate my Cheezpeep friends, since I chose to help guide my Twinki to the Rainbow Bridge last month. Unbeknownst to me, the vet I took her to gathered donations at the office, there, and paid for my Heart Kitteh’s cremation, because I had no money. I have a beautifully ornate little box in my living room with Twinki’s name on a golden plate, along with a page reminding me that she waits for me in the Green Meadow, via the Rainbow Bridge. I’ve recently been blessed with a 12-week-old, orange (bnp) bundle of energy who makes my heart laugh again. Little Tadpole (male) brightens both mine, and my hub-cat’s, life continually. CC’s timing couldn’t have been better!


22 thoughts on “Nooz frum Calico325

    • Thank you, mnphouka. My feet & ankles may never be the same again…all the little pointy ends!! He is such fun, though. It is quite easy to forgive his “excitement” when the baby-purring starts up! 😀

  1. AAAH, ae neu bebeh Keow, iyut wyll ingspek ebbrreefyng wyffa kyooreuus, iyut HABS tew sea wheutz wheut wyff deh weurrld ayut laarjj, dey jeuss gawtta knoe, adn yew izz heyulppn hym, dass eebbeun moar feuun, iinjjoi yeur neu liddl swymmeun Keow!!

    • Thanks, ABT. Yes, he is a curious one…and SO much fun. And I believe he knows he is loved dearly. It is so neat to be ambushed again, each time I walk around a corner, inside the house…would not change it for the world!

  2. Such a wonderful gesture from you v-e-t and staff! Now that is a gesture of love. I am so happy to hear about little Tadpole too. CC knows all!

    • That is so true, icha. It has been such a difficult time since we moved, and this experience with the kindness of the v-e-t and now this new OBNP companion, makes it all a little easier.

    • Yes, kittyroo, it could not have turned out better, if I had to give up my Twinki. I just have to have a “baby” to take care of, and I believe CC had this particular little guy fashioned just for me…such a great personality, and eager to please.

    • Thank you, so much, adaein3. It is VERY good news! I feel more complete with a fur-baby to care for…and to meet his every need! 😀 After all, they ARE our overlords, are they not? 🙂

    • Thank you, LM. I already am finding great joy. I still get a little teary eyed, when this little one does something that I remember my Twinki having done when she was little, but it doesn’t last as long as it used to. Lil Tadpole makes my heart sing again! Thanks for all your love & support, Cheezfrens!

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