Noo Book — FREE

Lookee wut I gots in mai emayoz!!!

lunarmommy hazza proud to announce her 3nd novel, The Lost Book of Anggird, and to offer a free Smashwords coupon to get the buk for free on Smashwords. If you no can haz e-reader, not to wurry – if yoo can haz computer, you can haz e-reader (you can download free e-reading software from Amazon (Kindle/mobi), Barnes & Noble (Nook/epub), Adobe Digital Editions (epub format) and Calibre (all formats). The book is also available in PDF format on Smashwords. Content warnings: mild-to-moderate sex and violence; references to past childhood physical and sexual abuse.

To get the coupon code, email lunarmommy at: an tell her yor Cheez name.

This is a free, no-strings-attached gift for my Cheezfrends; although if you care to leave a review at Smashwords and/or Goodreads, that would be very much appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Noo Book — FREE

  1. Dis b berryberry jinuruss ob yu Lunarmommy! Ai wull habs tu download sumfing tu reed eet onna mi lappy top soon. Cheezpeeps ar da bommmb! Shmoos!

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