Oreo Haz Noo Home

Dis am frum Marmalady

ohai mai qween

wanted to shaer this comment on bookuffayses frum mai fren Sheila that adopted Oreo

“We love Oreo! I’m trying to take a picture of him and go figure this is one of the very few times he hasn’t come when I called!! He really is a sweet kitty. He complains when the girls rough house instead of running away so I guess he’s settling in fine. Thanks for thinking of us and hopefully I get a good picture soon.”


6 thoughts on “Oreo Haz Noo Home

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAY, Keows gyttn ae GUD foarebbur hoeum izz jeuust maweurbellous, doan foar gawtz dayut teh Keow wud LUBB yew wyff gareayut deeboesheuun kuzz hee izz lubbd tew!!

  2. ermm…..mai kween….nawt as impertinent as teh messije itselve butt ai ar teh wun hoo sended teh messije-sawry forgots to gibe mai reel naem-mqos!

  3. oh, an Oreo’s noo mama sended taht messeje AFTER Oreo pooshed hur hand kreme intoo teh toilit as hur husbind waz flushing it! Sew it is troo lub!!

  4. Sush gudgud nuws! Anna luks lyke Oreo iz naow a reel pawt ob da fambly! Duin ebil fings tu himz hoomins, dat iz himz joab naow.

    Maryqos, I swear when I read about Oreo knocking Sheila’s lotion into a flushing toilet, I spit coffee all over my screen! I can just see the look on Oreo’s face when that happened: Facination. “hmm wut kin ai putz inna dere nex?” Welcome home Oreo and welcome to your new kitty Shiela and husband! Ha!

    • ai noe, ai gots a laff outa taht! awlso taht he complayns wen hur 2 liddlol gurls ruffhaouse….Oreo sez: ai’m tellin awn yu two!!!!

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