Noo Smilies

Sir NativeCa66 haz been working overtime and made a handfull uv smileez fur us.  Basically u typez a word inside a pair uv square brakets.   Dey only workz on   So u can’t see dem here.  But u kin seeing dem  on deh cheezland test page.

Here am deh codes:

[lights] [innocent] [sick] [sleep] [hug] [rat]

*edited tu add wun more*


*edited tu add eben more* Sir NC haz ben bizzy!!

[worthy]  [worried]  [headdesk]  [dubious] [doh] [facepalm] plz note dat doh and facepalm am deh same icon.


9 thoughts on “Noo Smilies

  1. Ai izz fynk dayut izza weunneurmeuss aideeyuh!!, meennee faeysseus tew yooz, [lights] hummm, dynt weurrk?, [innocent], styyl nawt deuueun iyut, ai izz dew deyumm awl tew sea whut izz weurrkyn, [sick] [sleep] [hug] [rat] [boop], dere izz neuffyn weurrkyn aebaouut dys foar mee, ai izz kneeyud seuum heyullp, aifinkso!!

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