End uv Yr Memorial

On Dec 21 Prysma am gonna celebrate deh furry babies wii haz losted dis year.

Shii sez:

It has been suggested to me that we can has a mass tribute / remembering / celebrating day for alla furkids an uvvers we has lostid, an aifinkso we duz on teh Winter Solstice, 21 Desember.

As for teh End-of-Year Memorial… send me a pic or a couple of pics, I hopeso wif something to say. Primarily is intended for those whu crosst teh Bridge this past yeer, but I nawt gonna be all that strict, rly. I are unsure purrzactly hao tu best du it, an that will depend aifinkso on how many I get – a post or tu, teh hole day, a separate album in teh gallery wif links, Idunno but I will duz my best.

Sending submissions uv ur furr babies to admin@cheezland.org wif deh subject line LOLsubs; in deh text tell Prysma dat it am fur deh End uv Yr Memorial so it nawt land in deh regular LOL pile.


13 thoughts on “End uv Yr Memorial

  1. Fanks, mai cween.

    Peeps, plz tu nawt leev this wun until teh day befoar. Normally I can wurk arown teh last-minnit submishuns, but if I plans on hao tu du fur teh short list I has, then get flooded at teh last minnit, is gonna be hard tu find solushuns fur.

  2. Currint plan:
    Du nawt want tu cram kittehs, cupple goggies, anna horsie all intu a singlol post. Du nawt want teh entyre day tu be abowt teh memorilol wif no gigglols or splorts, eever. So aifinkso what I gonna du iz this:

    On Caturday teh 21st, teh normal posts will be up at teh normal thymes. BUT, will du intermediate posts, wun fur eech rememmered furkid. So, normal post at 9:00, tribute posts at 10:00 an 11:00, normal post at 12:00, tribute posts at 13:00 an 14:00, etc. Will wurk owt start an end thymes wunce I has finlol nummers (7 so far). Will haz distinctive naymings, as purr teh individual wuns dun prevyussly: Tribute: Cheezpeep’s Furrkid

    Aifinkso that will allow eech tu hazza visiblol, but still allow ennywun whu wants tu avoid teh memorilols tu stay on teh regular posts. This nawt gonna become a regular fing, izza speshul set uv sircumstances.

    I will duz mai best tu let teh peeps whu haz sendid me pics uv belovid hart-babies know what time tu be expecting tu see tehm on Cheezland, but may nawt be until teh day befoar.

    Ihopeso ebreewun will be satisfied wif this azza way tu duz this.

    {{{{{{{{{{teh tuu-menny Cheezpeeps mourning furkids this yeer}}}}}}}}}}

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