Fikshunkitteh’z Punkin Haz CanSir

fikshunkitteh says:

Byootyfill kitteh kittyroo! Luux liek mai Punkin wen hims was t3h helfy. Wii has a sad…hims has t3h pleh cant sir :’(. Hez had firteen wundermaus yeers wif us adn visa versa, wii red kyood we chudder. Wii be blest.

We has a sad, butt(!) wii hasty merember awl t3h gudgudgud yeers wii shared. Mai eiiz leeks l8ly, butt(!) then I smyl. Wii hazza poyntmint fur Caturday.


33 thoughts on “Fikshunkitteh’z Punkin Haz CanSir

  1. {{{{{{{fikshunkitteh}}}}}}} My heart akes for yoo, is a terribul loss, but like yoo sed, yoo must remember awl teh gudgud tiems togevver adn gibs Punkin awl teh lubs yoo can so teh crossing can be peaceful. Ai will be wiv yoo in spirit on Caturday, adn my Smudge, wiv awl teh ovver hart bebbehs, will greet yor Punkin adn mayk him feel welcom. Go in peace, sweet Punkin.

    • Fan Q so mush fur yer kynd werds. It am t3h hard onner harts butt(!) wii can nawt be t3h shelfish nao. Wii makinged him as comfy a posablol. Wii be lubbing onnim wifa feers. Poor littlol gui nawt can eat, wii mayk his gushifuds eben gushyer/wedder (puréed) but(!) he nawt ablol tu swallo so mush. {{{{{CB}}}}}

  2. Poar sweet Punkin adn fikshunkitteh. :’o}
    Mii adn mai hart Punkin am sending you beemz tu you bofe adn gentlol snugglolz adn lawts ob lubbing purrz. ♥

  3. Wenh Punkin goez aekwrawss deh brijj mai bebeh Keows wyll bee dere tew heyulp hym tew sea alla beyussteusst spawttz dere sew dayut wun dae (Keows doan habs taiyum dere lyk wee dew heer) hee wud bee leukkyn bayuk atta bryjj adn dere wud bee hyz Mawm keummun krawss iyut, wee habs tew waeyut mennee moar yeerz beuut iyut wyll bee ae reeeyooeunyeun laiyuk noe uvveur!!
    {{{{{Fikshunkitteh seeyun heuur bebeh inna meddoe}}}}}

  4. {{{{{ Fikshunkitteh an Punkin }}}}} mai ais ar a liddlol leeky. yu habe tew dew teh lovingist an hardist fing tomorro for Punkin. Ai will be keepin yu in my thots an praiers.

  5. {{{{{{fikshunkitteh}}}}}} Snorgle your boy as much as possible and tell him it is ok to go to the meadow to play. My Punkin will be waiting for him along with all of our babies. So hard to let them go even when it is the best thing to do. {{{{{{fikshunkitteh and punkin}}}}}}

  6. 15 wundermus yeerz! *sigh* Yu wer troolly blest. Wi had onlee 8 whin teh pleh brest cant sir tuk owr lubbly Fiesta. Sooo menie ob uz haz teh furbabbies waitwaitwaitin fur uz at teh Bridge, Punkin wont bi lonelie or skared. Mah liddul tortie-grrl wil halp showz himz arrownd.

    • {{{{Momchan}}}} yesh wii be blest tu has him az lawng az 13 yeers. Wii reskyood him azza feral babbeh and sew shall eyesd him purty gudgudgud. So az feral kittehs go, him lived a lawng lyf. And upintil nao, helfy hunky boi. Fan q fur her kind werds.

  7. O ai hazz sucha sad to reed ob dis… ai is shure mai Henry wills meet your bebbeh and gibs him a ride arownd the meddow so he wills gnoe where ebberyfing am. Awl owr bebbehs will greet hims and helps him settlol in. But ai is sew sowwy for yoor sadness — am sumfing we awl goes through, but nuffink maeks it easier. (((((((fikshunkitteh and famblee))))))

  8. Fan q awl fur t3h nyse fots, werds, hugs & beems. Punkin crossed the brij pees filly yestidai…wii hads t3h rly leeky eiiz b4 adn aftr, so hard 2 sez g’bai. Wii gno he am skarfeeng up t3h lotsa nom’s, chasins skwerrls, berdez adn mofs. Wii will missing him wiv a feerc, butt(!) he am fur evr in R hartz ♥ {{{{schmooz}}}}

  9. 😥 {{{{{{{{{{fikshunkitteh adn famblee}}}}}}}}}}

    I only came back online today and saw the email from CheezTownCryer. I am so sad and cry with you. 😥 Thankfully, Punkin went peacefully and their are a lot of awesome heart companions there to help him. And we are here for you, fikshunkitteh. *boops, beemz adn HUGZ*

  10. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Fikshunkitteh}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Ai haz sucha hyooj sawree fur teh lawss ub yur deer sweet Punkin. Ai hoeps hur am injoying playing in teh Meddoe nao, adn am happeh adn helfy adn haz fownd teh purrrrrrrfikt nappin sunbeem. Ai alsew hoeps yoo adn awl hoo lubs Punkin am feline a littlol betterer nao… mebbeh nawt sew sad… adn dat yoo can haz peese adn lubs adn komfurts in yur harts. Mai lubs, yoo haz it.

    • Oh fanq SP! ❤ Wii am feline a littlol bedder eech dai…ai swayr ai seeing him owta korner mail eii moast ebry places ai go eben tho ai putted awl his fings awai. Mai hart has a spot olny a naminal kin fill. Sumdai…{{{{{SP}}}}}

  11. Ai can has a happy and a negg sited! A norga nizashun dat halps wif dopshins of kittehs nd goggies dat need fureber hoams has a byootimaus kitteh, meezer named Agent Kane. Ai maked th3 applique shun, and wii meet tomarro nite! Tehy will czech ower hows tu making shur ebryfing is gudgudgud!

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