Ohai peepz!

I wish tu wunst agin apologize tu awl involved in deh debacle heer and in Cheezland dis past week.  It wuz nebber mai intent tu cause hard feelings.

I haz sed it before and I will say it wunst agin.  If u eber fink a Cheezpeep (dat includes mii) haz deliberately dun sumfing hurtful, fink agin.  I think those hoo truly know mii, knoez dat I wud nawt deliberately set owt to hurt anywun.

But I did hurt peepz and I am truly sorry fur dat.  I hopes dat sumday u kin furgiving mii.



43 thoughts on “Apology

  1. Mai Deer Cweenmj, I cannot believe you would do anything to hurt the feelings of your fellow peeps. You are a dear friend and here’s hoping this difficult time passes quickly.

  2. Ohai mai Cween. I habs admittedloly bin AWOL fur teh berreh lawng tiem, butt (!) ai do peek in frum tiem tu tiem. Ai don’t nose whut awl teh kerfluffle wuz abowt, butt (!) ai habs tu sai, nebber, nebber in a gawdzillion yeers wood ai beleeb yu wood intentionaloly be meen oar hurtfll tu ennywun! Awl teh Cheezpeeps has a speshul place in mai hart, and forebber will. Pleez doesn’t has a sad!

  3. It be pi day. Awl fings aer forgibbon on pi day. Besides witch, awl cheezpeeps know you tew be the bestest cheezfriend in the hole wide whirlled.

    But dis be tew long ob a misabbenchure. I vote we eats the pi and den have a race round cheezland to clear the air.

  4. Yesh! Dat am ryte! Tew day is 3.14 (numerical value of pi, ratio of circumference to diameter, ryte?)!!! wootie woot woot! Sumtymes ebben gud wurds kin b Miss N. Turpritted, butt! awlluv yore troo frenz NOZE yore N-10-shunz wuz gudgudgud. Sew sowwy dey wuz nawt tayken dat waye.

  5. Ai duzznt noe wut happnd, az Ai haz bin woefullee absint frum Cheezland. Ai du noe dat owr Cween wuld nebber intenshullee hert ene1. Mai Cween, iffn u iz in needz ov a frenlee Cheezmeet, just cawl mii adn Ai will coem ober tu ur syde ov teh bay. {{{{Cween MJ}}}}

  6. Mai Liege, no problems on my account. Hugs and healings to awl! Oh, and pi, ob korse…wait, wut? Nobody said ennyfing abowt sharing deh pumpkin pi…sigh….ok, pumpkin pi for awl….


  7. O, mai cween, I lubs yoo and would bee vert sad if you left!!!

  8. Wut teh… Ai nawt noez wut teh hek am gowin awn. Butt ai noez ai wuld trust mai Leej wif mai laif! Yoo habs wunna moast biggess harts awn a peep ai haz eber seen. It am trooly mai onnur tu cawl yoo mai deer, deer frend. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MJ}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} ♥♥♥

  9. Yay mai leege. Seemlyk a parallellellellellell you knee verz wil giv ever1 teh spays to plai nice wif awl – u am a wize cween in deed.

  10. Ai lubbingz owur deer cween adn awl Cheezpeeps ree gardliss ob wutebberz goingz awn. Smoocheez ebryware. Pi fur ebbrywun, a kitteh in awl lapz.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{cween, peeps, kittehz, uvver tipes ob kreechurz}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  11. i has just gotten fired for a comment I said which was taken out of context….cweenmj you are much loved….

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