Howse Warming

Sir NativeCa66, ElsaMama and I (and a few nameless uzzers) haz decided tu resurrect mai old blog Yesterdayz LOLz az a playhowse.   Altho Prysma graciously sed wii could continue playing in Cheezland, wii did nawt want our presence to making hur or anywun else dhere tu feelingz uncomfortablol.

Wii haz spent deh last few daze dusting off deh furniture, clearing owt deh spidey webz, chekking deh lites and plumming, and throwing on a fresh coat uv paint.  Wii haz ordered and reseeved a brandly noo Peeplol-Catchy-Fingy frum Acme (wut kud go rong?).  ElsaMama found a nice faynting couch at a garage sale and had it re-up holstered.  Deh 9 Elebenty folks haz a special teem uv firemenz and wimmenz standing bai just fur us.  Deh Nawty Barn haz been renovated adn now includes a hawt tub.  Deh CCC am fully stocked wif chokklit possumz, zoning regulations, CHRGz, Dukkytayp, 50z bavving capz and chokklit martoonies.  Dhere am still sum tinkering behind deh skeenz being dun, but deh site am up and running.

U am awl invited to come and play wif us.  Wii harbor no hard feelings toward anywun and see no reason peepz cannot play on bof Cheezland and Yesterdaze LOLz wifowt feeling dey am betraying anywun.

9 thoughts on “Howse Warming

  1. i am liking this. not a player but i luv my cween,,,,, i hab littlw time ir playz….but would reaslly loves to be part of you guyzz

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