Lungdoc’s Mom Crosses deh Bridge

*Lolspeak off for a minute*
While we are on the topic of mothers–
A little over five years ago, at a Christmas ’08 family gathering, I mentioned to my Mom (then 85) that I had found an interesting Internet site with funny cat pictures and a collection of people who wrote messages to each other in their own language. I explained that the people lived all over the world but had their own community and seemed to care a lot about each other. Mom wasn’t a computer person, but as a teacher for many years, she knew a lot about people, and after I told her more about the site (ICHC as it was then), she urged me to take part in the community. I had never been one to participate in bulletin-boards and such, but her encouragement pushed me to “de-lurk” and become a Cheezpeep. For the fun I’ve had since then, as for so many other things, I am forever indebted to my mother.

Mom crossed the Bridge this afternoon at age 90, peacefully, after a mercifully brief illness. I’m sure she’s having fun with the kitties, since she won’t be troubled by cat-allergies any longer, nor by any of the other physical aggravations that her nine decades had inflicted.

Thanks, Mom.


37 thoughts on “Lungdoc’s Mom Crosses deh Bridge

  1. Your Mum had a long life and you have much to give thanks for, Lungdoc. Heartfelt condolences at this time and happy memories of her as you and your family prepare to farewell her in the coming days. {{{{{ Lungdoc }}}}}

  2. Mai thots am wif u at dis sad time, LD. I knowz dat u will carry ur wunnerful Mom in ur hart deh rest uv ur life. {{{{{{{{{{LD&Mom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. PB & MQ said everything I felt like saying. {{{{{Lungdoc & Family}}}}} You are in our thoughts and in our hearts. Strength and happy memories, my friend.

  4. My heart goes out to you, LungDoc. May your memories and your mother’s wisdom give you comfort in the days to come. ❤

  5. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I hope many pleasant memories will help you overcome the sadness.

  6. It’s so hard losing the woman who gave you life and shaped your future. She did a wonderful job with you, Lungdoc. I wish I could wrap my arms around you and take away some of the pain. {{{{{{{{{{{ Lungdoc adn Mom }}}}}}}}}}}

  7. LungDoc. What to say? I am so sorry for your loss. Please remember all the fun and all the good from her life and laugh and live in her name. You are a wonderful man.
    Elsa Mama

  8. Warm thoughts and comoforts in this time of sorrow. May your memories of her bring you some peace. (and thank you LungDoc’s mom for bringing us this funny fellow).

  9. O Lungdoc, mai hart am borked for yu an ebbrywun hooz life she touched. Pleez eggsept mai sinseer condolences an hugz tu.
    {{{{{LD an uzzers hu lubbed hiz mawm}}}}}

  10. {{{{{Lungdoc}}}}}

    My sincere condolences to you and your family, and gratitude to the Creator of us all for giving us your wonderful mother who helped to shape so many lives, including your own.

    Our mothers: no matter if their lives were short or long, no matter if our relationship with them was stormy or sweet, no matter if their passing was sudden or unexpected, it makes no difference to our hearts, because we each only have One. And when they are gone from our presence, our hearts are broken.

  11. Lungdoc,

    Like you, i had never participated in any conversation sites before nor intended to. A friend on the east coast sent me a lol on farsbuk with a funny kitty and then later a skwirrlie attired as a pirate. Ah, the hook. So i followed the link to DOP to find all you lovely people. It was indeed a blessing during anguishing days. Praise be, with the laughter & love from amongst you, i was able go ride out the storms until i recovered my roofieness, lol. So i wanted you to know how your mom touched me: through your play, your stories, your poetic lolz, your shared wonder & delight with us, i have cackled hysterically to myself in the wee hours of the dark and snortled and awww’d so that every occurrence just thrashed pain to smithereenz! Your mom in encouraging you to be of this community lent me her goodness & warmth even when i was clueless to how much i needed it. Of course this applies to awl our nice friends through DOP and beyond. 🙂
    Thank you, Lungdoc, and Lungdoc’s mommeh, and awl our friends and furry and nawt sew furreh loves. –Roofie

  12. My condolences to you {{{{{Lungdoc}}}}}. Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman who understood the joy of allowing ourselves to be just a little bit silly sometimes. That seems to be a rare quality these days.

  13. Thanks so much, from my family here to all you wonderful Cheezfriends everywhere, for your kindness and support. {{{{{{{{{{{{Cheezpeeps}}}}}}}}}}}}

  14. {{{{{{{{{{{Lungdoc}}}}}}}}}}}
    Your mama raised herself a wonderful man whose humor is shot through with kindness. I’m glad you continued to listen to her in adulthood and followed her guidance to become a part of this community.

  15. My sincere condolences to you and your famiy, Lungdoc. May her soul rest in peace. May your happy memories bring you some measure of peace, as well.

  16. {{{{{Lungdoc}}}}} Ai hazza HYOOJ sawree an sad fur yur loss. Ai yam happeh fur yur Mawm dat hur got tu habs sucha lawng laif, an it’s kleer hur wuz berry muchly lubbd bai hur fambly an frendz. Aifinkso dat izza testamint tu hur, az only a kind an lubbing purrsun can be sew lubbd. Ai wishez fur yoo komfurts an lubs an peese in dis thyme ub sorrow. Plz tu noez dat yur CheezFambly lubs yoo berry muchly… plz tu let us noe ifn dere’z ennyfing we can du tu halps yoo froo yur greefs. Kthx. ♥♥♥

  17. Hi Lungdoc, I haven’t been chatting (just lurking) for a long time but still read your post with a big heartsoreness – warm beams and hugs coming over the Atlantic for you in your loss. As several others have said, our good memories help us through the sad times.

  18. {{{{{LD adn fambily}}}}} You were so lucky to have a mom like her and to have found a wonderful site so we could all enjoy your play and wit. Your mom was so lucky to have a son like you.
    LD’s mom: Enjoy the Princess Mu Meadow that’s just over the Rainbow Bridge. It’s a great place.

  19. Leekee eyes at teh news of your loss, teh beautimous sentiments of teh cheezpeeps adn teh pain of losing my own momcat 7 years ago. Holding you and your mom in teh lite, Lungdoc. ❤

  20. Unsteady finners at the keyboard…this will be my 3rd attempt!
    Deer Lungdoc ai yam so sorree to reed of your loss. I ‘membur als your gud hep wen mae own dad was neer his own bridge crossin’ wif pleh lung disease. You gib cleer ‘n ez to follow advise for mae better understanding. Ai will alswayz be grateful to you! Sending warm beemz ob pease’n’lub, OtherMother

  21. Your mother sounds a very wise woman, she will be keenly missed by her family and friends. May your memories sustain you in your loss, and the love of the cheezpeeps bring you confort.

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