Sad news….

Dear friends

With great sadness I let you know that I have only recently found out that our friend SparkysMom, AKA Melody passed away in January. Many of you remember her from the hay day of ICHC, after that she was an enthusiastic member of an email group some of us started, to cheer each other’s little victories and provide support in our defeats.

Unfortunately, due to her increasingly bad health it has been some time since our friend was able to use the computer and, more lately, even participate in phone calls. We have continued to send cards and good thoughts and wishes but have had to rely on infrequent updates from Mel’s son as to her health. I am not sure why he did not let us know when Mel left us but I am sure the stress of his mom’s illness and passing was a huge factor.

I remember our sweet friend as a woman filled with love and fun and boundless good humor. She is sadly missed. I will close this post by including a link to a prayer Mel posted, entirely in lolspeak, back in 2010. Fair warning…have your shamwows handy.

Love to all from



13 thoughts on “Sad news….

  1. Fanks fur letting us know uv ower deer frends passing. BF.

    I iz shur shii am playing wif deh kittehz and goggiez in deh Princess Mu Medow!
    ❤ {{{{{{SparkeysMom}}}}}} ❤

  2. Thank you, Bf, for sharing SparkysMom and news of her passing. I strongly believe that her prayur am stiwl in effek wizzowt expeerayshunz. 😉 In add my beemz to all of yours for those she loved and all who remain. Luff, Roofie

  3. “…snuggie ub lubs…” 😀

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{SparkysMom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Ai will miss yoo, deer frend. Yoo wuz wunna mai nawt-sekkund CheezFrendz. Ai can trooflolly say dat it’s in larj part doo tu yur eckstreem naiseniss an kindniss tu me dat ai saw dat ai culd hazza hoem in teh CheezKommyoonitee. Ai fanksyoo fur dat, an fur sharing yur hart fulla lubs wif me an awl Cheezies ebrywarez. ♥♥♥

  4. I wondered where she’d been… I try to keep up with the various sites that my belubbed Cheezpeeps hang and knew she’d been missing in action…Thank you for letting us know, BF.
    There’s another star in teh Cheezfirmamint tonite…..

  5. BF: Ai’z so sorry tu hear ob da passing ob SparkysMom. Ai hopes Mel adn fambily will remember hur funs adn play on DOP. She wuzza good kitteh adn human mawm, adn a bery good friend tu Cheezpeeps eberywhere.

  6. Dis am indeed some sad, sad news, for SparkysMom’s famblee, frens and all ob Cheezland. Beeeeems of lubs and sympathees to all Melody’s luvved wuns. May her famblee find comfort and peace in these sad times.

  7. Melody was such an encouragement to me—I am sad she is not with us, but so glad there is no more pain or struggle. Father GOD, please bring comfort to all who knew and loved our Melody. She will be missed. Help her family and friends to get through this hardest of hard times, and bless us as we remember what a light she was in this dark world. I ask in Jesus’ Name—amen.
    All my love —janey

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