20 thoughts on “Prysma’s Angel Crosses deh Raynbow Bridge

  1. My dear sweet Prysma..we are all crying for you and sending hugs and beams to you and Jackie from all over cheezland..

  2. Angel is at the meadow, playing wif teh otter kittehs. She is so surprized to ne running and jumping adn rolling on teh ground, wressling and giving bunneh kiks. Butt(!) eberee so often she gives a wistful glance to the people crossing the bridge, hoping her hoomin will appear. teh otter kittehs call her to come and play in the warm sunshine…it felt so good to run withowt pain…and she scampurs back to her noo frens to chase a catnip mowsee. After a time, her noo frens assured her, 0her hoomin would come across the bridge adn tehy would be together forever Satisfied that all was well, she turned her attention back to the catnip mowsie adn her frens and teh wonderful sunny meadow.
    (Prysma–I don’t know if Anngel was a boy or girl, so I guessed. I am so sorry for your loss!

  3. Angel heers Prysma’s distress adn sendifies warm fuzzies, kleenex, hugs adn snuggles. Sins Teh Nite Watchman can’t carry it awl, most ob it gets sent via cheezpeeps, teh rest in dreems adn teh cents ob spring.

    Butt(!) dat isn’t awl! Awl snuggles adn fuzzies aer on a get one, get elebenty free speshul!

    Angel awlsew haz put owt a call on teh Cat Psychic Network. Yew noe not where, yew noe not when, butt(!) a kitteh hu noo Angel via teh Network will come cawling. Noe kitteh eber allows deir hoomin tew remain sad. Iz agginst teh kitty code! Hoomins will be kittified!

  4. {{{{{{{{{{{prysma adn Jackie adn furkids, at home or in the Meadow}}}}}}}}}}}
    Angel was blessed when she found you and the loving home you gave her. I am so sorry to hear that she had to leave.

  5. oh pyrsma an jackie.e an dere furrbabiez. mai eyez b leeking. iz sad 2 lose a angel, but hur haz wingz to fly. hur probly buzzin round ur hedz rite nao.

  6. O ai haz gnoe werds….eggsept to sai wii awl lubs yoo and Jackie and am awl heerheerheer for yoo. Izza time ob sew much sorrow, but sweet memorees will come.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Prysma and Jackie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. Sosososo berry bery sadd for yew, ai nose just how soar yore harts are. Thorts and beems commin tew yew bof. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Prysma and Jackie }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. Mai hart is borkt wif yu, Prysma and yur fambilee, tu. BEEMS for yu awl. Miss Bonny sends sawft pawpats tu comfort yu…..

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