Sad Nooz frum deh House uv Smudgie

Hi. Just a serious note for a second. Owr hoomans mama passed away about 10 days ago an funeral tomorrow. Hooman not normally wun to talk about this but well…just thort menshun it. Mama was 88 and went peacefully in hospital

Stressful time bekos of funeral and also has to engage with collection of nutjobs known as his famblee. We think it is just sinking in.


20 thoughts on “Sad Nooz frum deh House uv Smudgie

  1. Oh, Jack, please know that your friends hold you in their thoughts and prayers. Our sincerest condolences to your and your family at this trying time. May all of you have peace in your hearts.

  2. This is very sad news Jack-remember you are in our thoughts and prayers at this rough time. Smudgie – its up to you to rally the troops and make sure Jack is okay dealing with the familee and has lots of cuddles when the day is over.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Jack, AS, Bella, Ruby and Jacks hooman familiee}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. {{{{{smudgie’s human}}}}} comforting beems on teh way. Ai noes yoo will be mush halps tu him during this time, adn that yoo, Bella, adn Ruby will bi maeking laborate plans tu keeping nutjo…., er, relatibs atta saef distans.

  4. Oh, AS–Ai am so sowree! Ai am sending beems to yu!

  5. Smudgie, plz tu tellink yur lubbink hoomin dat we am awl holding him in owr harts, an we wishez him teh lubs an peese an komfurts during dis berry eckstreemlee pleh thyme. Kthx.

    {{{{{Smudgie’z Hoomin}}}}} ♥

  6. Smudgie: Ai’z sorry your human loosed hiz mawm. You human will be stressed, sad, mad, adn all sorts ob feelings. You adn your four-pawed fambily will haz dere werk cut out tu help him at dis time adn furra whiles in da future.
    {{{{{Smudgie adn da human adn AS’s kitteh fambily}}}}}

  7. Smudgie, I’m so sorry for your human’s sad news. I know you will be there to comfort and support him. We rely on you guys at times like these, and you always come through for us.

  8. My sincerest condolences to awl hoo lubbed Mahm, and for the hyoomins and furbebbehs dat she lubbed…..
    Miss Bonny sends purrs of comfort, too….

  9. Smudgie, Bella and Ruby,

    Pleez tu gibbon Jack extra snugglolz & tikklolz. 😉
    Sending yoo awl beemz ob pees &kombfurt ♥~~~>{{{Jack & kitteh krew}}}

  10. We are all here for you – furry and skinclad!!! Wonderful that Mom was 88. Hope only happi memories go dancing through hooman’s mind!!! Hugs. Fredsmom

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