Roofie’s Mom needs beams please!

I received this email from our sweet friend Roofie and am posting it with her permission. Please send beams and prayers for Roofie and her Mom!

Hello friends.

May i ask fur beams foar mai mawm?
Tho her body am pretty durn helfee, she am gowing thru a ruff patch and tried to end hur life tunite. Iyam still scarred by two preebeeus incidents in years past that might have been accidents but felt as i du feal now.

Sinss she hazzint bean sew responsibs wif mii deez past kuppla munfs, i hab cawled in teh Big Guns: hur elder & yungur sissurs. And wii am now in teh ER where ifink&hoap&pray shii will bee admitted. Prayers helped her recover frum a wurser patch a foo yeerz bak, sew nao ai cawling awn the A-Team: yue, mai frenz. ♥

Halphalphalp! *runz inn sirkulz inside a still steely calm demeenur*

Ai gibbs purrmishunz foar mai emeow tu bee gibbon tu enneh buddeh hoo might knoe hu tew asking hu might wanna holla at mii direklee.

And wen fings cahming daown, ai can has anudder Baysay Skwirrlie stoaree inbolbing a GNU skwrrlie. Kin yue telling ahm aboyding mai skirrd? *scoots away frum skirrd* 😉


If you would like Roofie’s email you can contact me at my screenname at Please put your screenname in the subject line so I know it is from a real cheezfrend. As always, thank you for your support!



31 thoughts on “Roofie’s Mom needs beams please!

  1. *settin beeminator on hi ist settin* +++++============>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>””””””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . roofie, pleeze kno dat ur cheezfrendz stand beside u an will gib u an ur mom strngth an luv.

  2. Oh deer Roofie,
    Yoo haz mai highest beemz. Wutta terriblol thing tew endure. Plz taek caer uv yoreself.

    • Fankew {{{Missy Joose}}}

      Mae enneh baykom boal yew encowntur bee muchlee welcomb oar kwikkwikkwiklee wiffdrawn eef nawt. 😉

      And mae dey bee awlwaes be merry adn nebbur hontid. [headnod]

  3. Deer sweet Roofie, ai has sent yoo an emayo wiv my bestest beems, but wants to add moar heer. Ai hoaps teh darkness passes soon adn yor mawm can be reminded ob hao much yoo lubs her adn needs her. Ai holds yoo bofe in my heart. {{{{{{{{{Roofie adn her mawm}}}}}}}}}}}

    • Wotdahoot!!! 😦 Hao kud ai skipping mai bubu, CB??!!! :/
      I harumph! at mai preebeeyusslie krost eyez.

      Fankew mai shweet CatBurgh fur yur Luffs. Fur yur Luffs. Dat woz an R&B jam fum bak inna dae…

      Ifinkso i saw teh dark begin tu lift juss dis affurnuun wen a naynjell (hur doktur) bisittid hur. *headnod*


  4. roofie: I’ll call you again this evening, or else you call me if that’s more convenient. Many hugs and love to you both. tm77

    • tm tortiemawm, waernahek wud eye bee wiffawt yew?!!
      Inna cobbiewebbeh spayse, dass waer!!! Fankew foar halping mii awlla tymz, EMspeshullie wif maeking awl deez fwenzes. *blush* 😉 ♥♡♥♡♥

  5. Oh my deer Roofie, such sad news. HEALING BEEEEEMMMMSSSS on OHAI==>> for you Mom and COMFORTING BEEEMMMSSS==>> for you! Alsotuazwell, ai amz sendifying beems of strength and resilience tu you tu halpin yu git fru dis hawrd tyme. Schmoos!

  6. Fankew kynd frenz foar yoar verreh speshul beemz foar mawm and foar us. Aye feal yoar warmf (and it am decidedly pleasantur dan owr currink heet wayb) adn it MUST BEE YOU maekin mawm sunneh!! I meen, dey ownleh gibbon hur charcoal fur meds! It am yoar beemittehz maekin hur chippur adn smylolie!

    Mawm’s consult team am keaoin a watchflol eye awn hur aspirin absorption and am wurkin tu releesing hur tu a short term care facility, fanks be tu CC adn Sky Skwirrl. Iyam guiding yoar beemz tew hur recubberreh.

  7. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Roofie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMZ fur yore Mawm, adn hur sissurz, adn YOO, adn awl teh peeps hoo lubs yur Mawm sew much… fur strengfs adn peese adn lubs adn comfurts adn lite in teh darkniss adn hope. ♥♥♥

    • Fankew, {{{{{{{{{{SP}}}}}}}}} ♥♡♥
      Yue wiwl wanting tu sea teh gnu-er uppydayt tew sea yoar beemz msnifested! *headnod* yup, yup

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