Purrrrreakness Stakes

Purrrrreakness Stakes Race Day Actibities on Yesterdaze LOLz 
Caturday — May 17, 2014

Horses/jockeys/trainers/etc may b real or imaginary

Pre-race Party starts at 1 pm (USA Eastern Tyme)

At deh party u kin:

  • Provide bio information uv ur horse, jockey, etc.
  • Tell us deh silk kullers uv ur stable
  • Describe ur attire, noms, drinks, etc.

Don’t furget dat u kin embed pixors and videos in ur comments!

Deh RACE will b on deh 4 pm LOL

Preakness general info —

  • Held at deh Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Distance: 9.5 Furlongs (1 3/16 miles)
  • Dirt track wif left hand turns
  • Horses: 3-yr olds
  • Record 1 min. 53 seconds (Secretariat 1973)
  • A blanket uv Black-eyed Susans (the Maryland state flower) is placed around the winner’s neck.
  • The Woodlawn Vase: Created by Tiffany and Company in 1860 as a trophy for the now defunct Woodlawn Racing Association, the Woodlawn Vase is presented each year to the winning Preakness owner.
  • The Painting of the Weather Vane: As soon as the Preakness winner has been declared official, a painter climbs to the top of the replica Old Clubhouse copula to paint the weather vane. He applies the colors of the winner’s silks to the jockey and horse, which will remain there until a new winner is declared in the next year’s Preakness.


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