Update from Roofie

Ohai friends!


I received this update from Roofie and am posting it with her permission.


*Hello friends!  *i skweeezul yue!!*
Altho i didn’t see her all day yesterday, i just had mai very own therapy session wif Dr. Baysay.  She reassured me everyfing will be alright.  Mebbeh she had a Spring kleening session wif the babies bekoz she woz piney fresh tudae.  :))
After monitoring aspirin absorption since Tuesday night, mom may be released today to a short term convalescent facilty to continue her psychiatric, nutrional, and internal med diagnosis & care.
So far, i foresee just 72 hours (in this atypical HAWT wevvur, blargh…) to refresh mom’s room, tidy house, hire someone to help me whack her prolific shrubberies, and shneek sum, erm, recyclables out of the house.  :o/
AND am thankful furrit!! 
I can’t thank you all enough for your healing beams fur mawm and kind, soothing words.  I truly feel your beamsie embraceness! ♥♥♥  :)))
Kindly share this greeting of gratitude and hope with other friends.*

Please to continue sending your beams and good thoughts to our friend and her Mom!


16 thoughts on “Update from Roofie

  1. {{{{{Roofie}}}}} YAY fur a pawzitib uppydayt! Continyood beeeeeeeeeeeeeemingz fur yoo, yur Mawm, adn awl hoo lubs hur!!!1! ♥♥♥

  2. Roofie, many pawsive hi beemz shinin’ yur way from me inna land of pointy treez!
    {{{{{{{{Roofie & Mawm}}}}}}} =^!^=

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