Spencer am at deh VET ER Hospital

  1. IDK — vet can’t see him until 5:15!!!!!! It is so odd. He has what should be a (if what I read is true) a benign tumor on his gum , covering his canine tooth. It is about the size of a large marble.
    BUT – he is also breathing odd – very loudly and it looks like there is swelling in his nose — so that is what has me freaked out most.
    He is not is distress – but is working harder than normal to breath. And he is subdued.
    Spence is a very paranoid dog – he over analyzes every situation – so he just hates being examined. After he was neutered i had to get him out of the crate — he would NOT come out for the vet staff.
    Poor baby is probably in for some intense examination.
    If vet is at all unsure I will probably go straight to the specialist hospital that took care of Jazz.

I called the specialist vet hospital — they said to bring him straight in to them now, based on the trouble breathing and that his gums are not bright pink … 

Should be fun trip — 30 minutes with a dog that hates the car ….

I hate that place — because it is where I lost Jazz. But they are the best

… May 27, 2014 at 5:48 pm 


Well, when I got Spencer to the hospital his temp was almost 106. Hella ohai even for a gog. So, the first order of business was getting that down. It came down to 103 and she did a physical exam over Spencer’s clear objections. The exam did not show any overt reason for his difficulty breathing. No pain or clear change in breathing by position change. She feels the lump in his mouth is unrelated to the breathing difficulty and is just a common type of benign tumor.

The problem is it appears that it is harder for him to inhale than to exhale – indicating an obstruction. They are running blood work out the wazoo today and doing full chest xrays and an abdominal ultrasound to see what they can see. If there is nothing to see and the all else indicates that he is safe to sedate then they will scope his nasal passages.

I could have waited for him to be done with the tests and taken him home and then brought him back again tomorrow — but with his tempo climbing so high in the car I elected to leave him. They said he was resting quietly in the crate. And Spencer will object to something, but when it is clear that it is going to happen anyway – he just goes with the flow. So, I think it will be easier for him to just stay rather than coming home and then having to adjust back to being handled by the vet staff.

He is at the full blown specialist vet hospital. Could not be in a better place other than home and well. I had to sign a level of resuscitation order — middle ground – chest compressions etc. but not extraordinary measures… *sigh*

May 27, 2014 at 6:14 pm 

Well — the chest xray shows his lungs are full of white spots. He either has a severe fungal infection or tumors — no good answers. They are starting him on anti-fungal drugs and anti-inflammatories. The problemis that if it is fungal, then when the fungus starts to die – the die off will cause it own terrible probelms. So – I may not get him back.

The doctor has experience with this type of fungal infection from research she did at U of I. She is sending off a urine sample to a research facility somewhere to get a definitive test result. If it is not the fungal infection – I think the end game is worse.


15 thoughts on “Spencer am at deh VET ER Hospital

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{EM adn Spencer}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Ai sendz beeeeeeeeeeeemz dat it’s justa ninfekshun, adn dat teh medisins werk wiffakwik, adn dat Spence am breeving eezee sune sune sune!!!1! ♥♥♥

  2. (((((((Spencer adn EM)))))))))) get da bestest rezults u kans! adn let ting da vetz be inspired frum onhai

  3. Thank you everyone — the next couple of days will tell us if he will be able to clear the fungus from his lungs or not. I’m taking TeenyKat over there today to see him — she was at school when I took him in. If it turns out not to be a fungal infection, but cancer, I do not plan to put him thru chemo etc.
    Lady Jane made me get up at 2:00 this morning to look in every room in the house. Then she stuck her head outside and stood in his crate and look at me like “WTF? Where is Spencer?’

  4. Oh EM, I am so sorry you and your family, awl ob u!, have to go through this. Hugs and beams and good thoughts and prayers to you all.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><3

  5. Ohai EM! Ai onlee just finded this nooze. Ai doo hoap ebbrything werks owt fore teh best. Thinking uv yoo……often.

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