Teddy crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Dis landinged in mai emayos tuday frum Diamond Kitteh.  mai heart am borking fur hur.

Ohai mai cween, I bear sad tidings. Today we helped Teddy cross the
Bridge. He had a very peaceful death. Here’s the story:

This household was very peaceful yesterday evening and this morning. Last
night I brought Teddy up to my bedroom (where he and his mother, brothers
and sister came when the kittens were about 3 days old); after awhile he
jumped down and went to the top of the stairs, where he lay with Twitch
keeping him company (something she never does). He even batted at his toy
butterfly. This morning we all got up early (again, something that never
happens) and Teddy had some cat milk, then he and I sat on the stoop while
I had my tea. It was a coolish overcast day. After awhile Ted strolled
across the yard and went through a little opening in the cedar hedge and
sat peacefully in his hidey hole for about 15 minutes, then came back to
the stoop. He did this again awhile later, only this time he stopped and
sprayed near the vegetable patch to show those male cats who come around
who is the boss here. Then I gave him some cat treats. He couldn’t smell
them, but once he felt them with his lips on my hand, he eagerly ate them
up; I let him have all he wanted.

Eventually we came inside, he climbed up on the toilet and had a drink,
had some toona joos, then we settled on the floor in the living room. I
brushed him all over (he loved having his belly brushed), him purring all
the while. At 11, when the vet was due to come, Teddy went and hid behind
the couch… My sister, who is a nurse, arrived (through a happy
coincidence), then the vet. Teddy went very peacefully. He protested
slightly to the poke when he got a sedative, then tried to climb off my
lap, but soon relaxed, purring. The vet gave him lots of time to fully
relax. Then a little shaving and poke with an IV, which didn’t cooperate.
Same procedure on the other front leg. Teddy showed no signs of discomfort
through any of this. He was totally relaxed and was gone within 30 seconds
of receiving the IV. My sister stayed for a couple of hours, which was

Teddy is now wrapped in a blanket on my kitchen table. I got to clean his
eyes, the egg yolk off his cheek and the gummy medication build-up from
inside his ears. When I’m ready, I’ll take him over to the vet’s to
arrange for cremation.

Even this morning I was wondering if I should postpone this day, but when
I looked objectively at the situation, I realized it was the right thing
to do for Teddy. He’s free of his nose/sinus problems, weakness and nausea
now, scampering around the Meadow with his brother, Bear, my other heart
kittehs and everyone’s heart kittehs. And the Night Watchman will watch
over him. Be at peace, sweet Teddy, gentlest cat I’ve ever known.

DK/4point5kittehs ❤

17 thoughts on “Teddy crosses the Rainbow Bridge

  1. Very simply, DK, I’m glad you wrote about your last day with gentle Teddy, he sounds like he was full of the sweetness! {{{{{{{{{DK and Teddy}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. {{{{{DiamondKitteh}}}}} O, ai yam sew sawree tu lern ub Teddy’z bridj crossink! Ai’z glad him hadda wunnurmus lass day, filld wif lotsa lubs. Ai’ll ask mai hart-goggie Lucy tu introdoos him tu teh naise goggies. 🙂 Ai sendz yoo adn awl hoo lubs Teddy beeeeeeeeeeeeeemz ub peese, lubs, adn komfurts. ♥♥♥

  3. for 4.5k adn Teddy adn fambly

    teh wurdz hang hevvy rownd mai hed
    iz lief no moor? iz awl hoep ded?
    ar tehre moer teerz taht need be shed?
    adn wer ar yoo mai deer?

    adn tu teh wurld a hartbork crai
    ai cannot stand aloen, nott ai
    teh lub ai feel it cannot dai
    adn yoo muss stil be neer

    wot cumfort iz tehre leff for mii?
    butt taht sumwer yooi stil muss bee
    for in teh meddo yoo run free
    taht mush tu mii iz cleer

  4. So sorry for your loss, but what a good kitteh parent you are to put his well-being first. A good morning, a little nap, and wake up whole and healthy in the meadow. He’ll be watching over you, pointing you out to all the other animals and saying “see that one? That’s MY human — the best one ever!”

  5. Fan q awl *so* much for your thotty comments. Mai eyes are leeking awl ober teh plaic as ai reed tehm. sunovawot, ai have saved ur pome adn shall cherish it. Adn shepmawn, what a wonderful thing to say! I feel somewhat guilty for not having pursued more aggressive treatment for Teddy, maybe he could have lived longer. To think that he knows I was doing my best is sooooo comforting!

  6. {{{{{{{{{{{{{4.5kittehs!}}}}}}}}}}} ♡♡♡ Ob kors he knoze yew did your very best and lubbs yew alwayz as yew lubbink him. 😉 [hug]

  7. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{4.5kittehs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I’m sorry for your loss but glad he went peacefully and is now enjoying the meadow. May you find comfort in all the beautiful times you spent together.

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