Plz tu Halping BunnySlippers

Ohai, peeps!!

Ower deer frend BunnySlippers am in a tuff spot.  Shii am on disability and am needing to get a noo place fur hur and hur twu furry babiez tu lib.  Shii needs muneys to paying a deposit and deh nawt-sekkond monfz rent.

Shii sez:

Mai landlord haz frowed me and teh gal onna oddur sied ob teh wall owt ob teh plase cuz he wants tu maek sum big big repairs (stuff he shudda dun a loooong tiem ago) so he can sell it.

Ai gots noe munnies foar a deposit oar a nawt sekkund munf’s rent tu hold a plase til Ai kin moob.  Teh onliest reezun Ai’s still alibe iz cuz Ai maded teh promise to Taco an Tara dat tehy wud awlwayz haz a home wiffs me. Ai haz a sad cuz Ai haz libbed heer foar obber 15 yeerz, teh longest Ai haz ebbur libbed ennywher in awl mai 62 yeerz. ……  Ai haz a beeg beeg skeered ebbry minnit an Ai keeps “dissociating” frum teh stress an losing track ob fingz an mai mind wont focus oan ennyfing for berry long at awl, so Ai nawt makin any progress wiffs teh packing. ….. I kant breakify teh promise Ai maded to tehm. Ai juss kant. Ai’s gonna get dehydrated frum awl teh teerz.

If u can haz a spare munny or twu, u kin halpsing Bunnyslippers!!!  Please goingz to PayPal,, select “Send Money” from the menu, and enter deh emayo address   broe3 at cox dot NET  (convert dis back to regular computer speek) and select “I’m sending money to family or friends.” If u send deh money frum ur bank account or ur PayPal accownt, dhere am no service fee.  Donations will go directly to BunnySlippers; neither cween nor any wun else will have access to the donated funds. Please be aware that BunnySlippers did not come to us asking for help; this “pass the hat” is being done at the suggestion of a caring peep who expressed concern to us about hur situation and asked if there was some way to help.

If five peeps eech gib 5 munnies, dat am 25 munnies fur hur.  If anuzzer five peeps eech give 10 munnies, dat am 50; five peeps hoo give 25 makes 125; 5 peeps hoo kin spare 50 munnies will donate 250 munnies.  Put dat awl tugezzer and it am 500 munnies!!!  Ebbree liddlol bit halpz!!!

31 thoughts on “Plz tu Halping BunnySlippers

  1. Hi, I scented some monees to bunny slippers. teh messj said she wasn’t yet registered but she’d get a neemail. I hope Idididit right. Mary OSpokn

  2. Glad to help! Do people usually leave a message with a name, screen name, or just keep it anonymous? I’m never sure what to do.
    And do we know where she is? Just in general. I feel if it’s someone nearby, maybe there is more I can do.

  3. Ai sended BunnySlippers sum munnies tew. Ai dint leev a messij doh. Ai shud hab, anna ai am sorri ai dint. My thots aer wif yu, BunnySlippers, anna ai wish yu awl da bestest! {{{{{{{{{{BunnySlippers an hur bebbehs}}}}}}}}}}

  4. Money sent; personal email sent. I don’t live far away (well, not THAT far away) – would love a response to question in private email. Best beemz to Bunnyslippers!

  5. BunnySlippers here! Ohai, ebbrybuddy! Ai fankiez wiffs awl mai hart for awl teh support! I’m sorry I haven’t been on this thread before now. Good intentions that got derailed by Real Life taking over.

    So far I haven’t been able to find a place for the kids and me to move into. I’m on Social Security Disability and I get rent assistance from a federal program run by HUD and administered by our local Housing Authority. (everyone just calls it Housing Authority) and I’m responsible for the entire security deposit on any place I rent and the first month’s rent.

    Well, I have two cats–Taco and Tara-and so far the landlords who will take “pets” (non human persons) won’t work with Housing Authority and the ones who will accept tenants with Housing Authority won’t take pets. *pounds head on desk.*

    So I’ve gone a bit out of what little mind I have left at 62 years of age. My plan was/is to send each of you an email thanking you, but I just now saw at least one person in the thread asking to have her email removed. Instead I’ve pretty much been living on the computer looking for a place to rent and on the phone talking to prospective landlords/property managers. I have no clue what’s in my email account. I haven’t been keeping up with it at all. My brain died sometime around this past Sunday if not before and my ability to cope is pretty low.

    I WILL get to the emails. Sometime. Honest, I will.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I start crying every time I even think of all the love Cheezpeeps have in their hearts!


    • BunBun…..
      I hopes u kin finding a good place fur u and ur furry babyz. {{{{{BunBun}}}}}

      (SweetPea akksidently putted hur emayo address az hur name in wunn uv hur comments — dat am why shii asked tu haz hur emayo address removed. Wuzn’t ennyfing about u.)

      Deh Cheezee peepz am awl good and lubbing folks and am happy tu halping a frend in a time uv need.

    • yes, I axidently posted my email address, and teh cween generously took it off. I just didn’t want it to be publik. Dear bubun, er BunBun, I certainly want to keep infromed, er in teh loop on what happins. love, hugs and peas.

  6. Ohai, it’s BunBun again! Sorry I haven’t gotten the thank you emails out. Things have been very busy and confusing here and I just haven’t had time. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I don’t have the words to express how I feel right now.

    Still no permanent place, but I’m planning on staying with my friends for a bit. I can’t do it any other way or so it seems. Still doing looking, but not having much luck. Make that ANY luck! Hopefully that will change after the first of the month, but I have to be out of here on June 30th so that will be too late. I have until August 5th to get a place and still keep my Housing Authority voucher active so when the people give their notice the beginning of July I should be able to find something. Then I will have 5 days to get moved into the place or at least have all the paperwork finished to make it official.

    Lubz to awl! Fankees! Got to go see if I can scare up some more boxes!

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