Dis majiklolly appearinged in mai inbox dis morning frum JD.

Emo the cat and Official Channeler on teh Grate Toona haz askted me to gibs you hur laytest pome.

Ode tew Noms, by Emo Cat

Toona toona, tooooona.

Toona? Sammun? Toona? Sammun?

Toona toona toona
Toona toona toona


8 thoughts on “Powetry

  1. Notice the skill with which kitteh walks the line between melancholy and hungry. the depth of her insight is breathtaking. I was very mooved–toona? sammon?–the beauty of that line reverberates in my soul! ‘Burp’ made me cry. Congratulations on bringing a new, vibrant voice to kitteh powetree!

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