Tucker Goes to the Meadow

  • My sweet girl Tucker is out of pain and swagglolin in the meadow now.

    She has been so sick and she has fought so hard for such a long time. Towards the end of last week and over the weekend it became clear that she was too tired to fight any more. So I brought her in and the vet helped her cross the bridge.

    Thanks friends, for all your beams and advice and good wishes for my sweet baby.

    *crawls under the bed and cries*


34 thoughts on “Tucker Goes to the Meadow

  1. O, Bf, yoo nd Tucker habz bin in mai fowtz nd prayrz ebber sintz yoo furst tole us abowd it. Nowbunny kud habz dun moar fur hur. Nowbunny kud habz lubbed a kitteh moar dan yoo lubd yore Tucker. Nd still DUZ!
    Yoo, hoo haz gibben sew mutch 2 sew minny, ai pray dat yoo haz d pees dat passiz unnerstandiNg, nd 10 anna 100 anna 1000-fowld reTurnz uv yore blessiNgz!
    Koff. Ai seamz 2 has sumpin in mai ai. Eggskyooz mii; ai hazta go luk 4 a kleenicks.

  2. BF!
    My heart goze owt tu yew. Yewr Tucker wuz a berry speshul kitteh indeed! Fanksyew for sharing hur wif us, adn shii will always b remembered in owr community.

  3. Oh BF, I am so sorry to hear this. You and Tucker have fought this battle for so long, at least now Tucker is at peace. My prayers go with you, hoping that at some time, in the future, you too find peace. Hugs..

  4. for BF adn Tucker

    teh tiemz taht ai recawl
    tohse sweet ungarded momentz
    teh liftin ov mai hart
    teh tuchin ov mai soel

    let mii cloez mai eyz
    gayz intu mai myndz mirror
    tu see reflektd tehre
    teh lub taht woz yor gift

    let teh clok tik on
    teh vastness ov teh futuer
    iz moer tahn ai can manayj
    tuu much tu fayse aloen

    ordinerry daez
    tehy wer awl ai needed
    juss tu haz yoo heer
    woz awl teh wurld tu mii

    let teh teerz flo
    teh river ov mai sadness
    teh depth ov mai desier
    tu be wiff yoo aygen

    sayv for mii a playse
    sumwer in teh meddo
    wer wii can rest tugevver
    wen wii ar won wonse moer

  5. I will ask Good Boy Toby to look out for Tucker and show him the finest soft spots to lie in at the meadow. And he will bring Tucker a butterfly to chase and a cool bowl of water when he is done.

  6. Mai hart haz a sorrow. My eyes…dey leek. *lolspeekoff* I am so very sorry for your loss and my heart breaks. Missy B and Itty Bitty and Tucky and more will come take company with Tucker. You and Tucker fought the good fight. You both tried so much. Now, Tucker will go and join all of our little ones who have gone into the Meadow. I am so sorry. So very sorry. My love is with you always.

  7. i am sew sad. u an tucker both showed great courage and great love. tucker be young again an your borked hart will never forget tucker. love is strong. awl your cheezfambly grieves with you.
    much love from noodle an pj an jessica (she looks alot like ur tucker)

  8. Ohai ebrywun. Ai nawt bin heer in bery lawng tyme sew Ai will turndeded teh lolspeek off.

    My apologies for popping in only occasionally but, I saw the notice in my email about the loss of your sweet baby, bluesfan, and wanted to say that I am so sorry. I just had to let go of one of mine a few days ago and the pain…it’s so hard to think of anything else but the loss sometimes.

    I am glad that Tucker has so many friends to find in the meadow. God bless you – I will pray for your heart to be comforted.

  9. {{{{{{{{{{{BF}}}}}}}}}}} I’m so sorry, my friend. What a special love and special life you and Tucker had together. She could not have had a better hoomin. My Smudge will find Tucker and show her where all the best napping spots and toys and noms are in the Meadow. {{{{{{{{{{{Tucker}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. I habs wurd from Catherine Cat dat Tucker haz setted a noo lap rekkord at teh drinks stand, adn haz been telling wundermus stories ob teh abvenchures of her and bluesfan. Teh Catnipway stage production starts next week.


  11. Hi BF – I hope to came out from under the bed and got a good night’s sleep. Judging from the other posts here, it sounds as if Tucker is in good company and will make many new friends. Take care of yourself.

  12. Oh, deer BF, Ai hasa hyooge sad fur yur loss. Ai noe yu did everyfing and den sum tu mayk her comfurtabble wile she wuz wif yu.
    {{{{{{BF and Tucker}}}}}}
    Be well, deer BF and know that she’s not alone in teh Meadow!

  13. *snifflol* Deer, sweet BeeEff, mai hart borks fur yoo. It am sew hard tu say kthxbai tu owr belubbd furbebbehs, ai noez. It am nuffin short ub devastaytin. Ai sends mai lubs n beemz ub peese n komfurts tu yoo, n hoeps dat teh teerz sune turn tu happeh memreez ub lubbing thymez wif yur deer Tucker. {{{{{BeeEff}}}}} ❤

    Kthxbai, Tucker. Fanks fur lubbin mai frend BeeEff sew well, k? N fanks fur lettin hur lubs yoo sew mush… it haz ment teh whirrld tu hur, aifinkso. Plz noez dat we will tayks gud caer ub hur til yoo can haz dat jawb agen wun day. Ai hoeps yoo haz ufn in teh meddoe, k? N ifn yoo see mai goggie Lucy, plz tu gibs hur a littlol ohai n ai miss yoo frum hur mommah, k? Kthx. {{{{{Tucker}}}}} ❤

  14. {{{{BF & Tucker}}}} hugs for our dear BF anna ohai tu our Tucker now inna da meadow wiffy sew menny ob our furbabehs.

  15. BF: I’m so sorry hear that Tucker crossed the bridge. It’s the hardest thing we humans do for our fur beebehs, but they understand. Reading sunovawot’s poem gave me very leaky eyes. It’s been only 4 months since Kidd crossed the bridge and I still miss him a lot, even with a new kitteh. {{{{{bluesfan473}}}}}

  16. {{{{{{{{{{{{BF473}}}}}}} Ai iz sew sorry. Ai just gottid back frum vacation and finded dis gnus. Iz harder dan hard, but az otters hab sed, wii dew dis for owr bebbehs becuz we lubs dem sew beri much. Ai habs askified Henry and de Princess to maek sure Tucker gets de deluxe doggy-back tour ob de meddow. And ai is shur ebbrywun will wants to heer her tell awls abowt whatta grate hoomin she habs and hao much shii lubs yoo and preeshiates wut yoo dids for her.

  17. {{bf + tucker}}

    I habs it awn teh berry bestest aufority dat she beet it awn teh music rownd, catigrafy and dansdansdans.

    She iz nawt in teh meddow az beaten, but azza champion and celebrity, streamers of ediblol sparkly ribbons are being frown from rooftops. Teh nite watchman iz leeding a parade ob elifonts, who will perform teh nutcraker – eggsept det will be cracking open bags of catnip.

    Foar berry, berry few can stare teh fates in teh eyez adn say “neener neener neener”. Eben fewer can do so foar so long. In hur speech, she fanked her hoomin for dis, foar it is her hoomin, bluesfan, that gaver her dat courage, who showed how strong lubs (adn kitty snuggles) wer. Bluesfan iz noah ordinary hoomin, she added, but the rare, speshul sort. A cheezfriend hoo nebber gibs in adn nebber gibs up, butt duz teh negst rite fing. She beems bak an ediblol key to teh city.

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