Happytayl Nooz

dis happytayl nooz am frum ShepsMom.  *Conga Rats dans*


Wif grate gratittt…gravi…fankees, ai gets to report dat dey finded ZERO cancer remaining at the toomer site after surgery (de keemo and laser fingee obliteratified it), and ZERO cancer in enny ob de 24 lymph nodes dey taked.

Rite nao, dey considers mii cancer free.  De onclologist still recommends anudder round ob keemo, but it wills just be de pills liek ai dids before (onlee dis tiem wifout de radiations), and ai dids fine wif dem.




12 thoughts on “Happytayl Nooz

  1. Lining up deh Conga~Ratz….Ready? ready! (one two tree KICK) (und repeatz) KUDOZ, kudoz kuDOZ , Happpy tailz fur you!!!!! Tankin CC fur your recubbery, ShepsMom!!!

  2. {{{{{Shepsmom}}}}} Dis am most wunnurmus gnuz! Ai hazza HYOOJ happeh fur yoo! *dansdansdansdansdansdansdansdans* ❤

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