Nooz frum deh Cween

Ohai peepz,

Dad crossed over deh bridge dis morning at deh fine old age uv 93. Hiz final daze wuz a peaceful and graceful end to hiz long life. Hii now joynz his parents, bruthers, his wife Monica, his son John, and grandson Eric.  I am sure hii is glad to see dem awl agin.  Fankz tu awl deh peeps hoo sendinged uz deh good thots and beemz.  ❤


38 thoughts on “Nooz frum deh Cween

  1. Hugs and prayers, mai deer Liege. Is sew hard to send dose wii lubs awn ahead, eben if it is tiem. Ai hazza shur de reyunion was joyful, but ai hazza sorrow for your loss.


  2. Our hearts are heavy for your loss, and we take comfort in your comfort, as you know that you can say, “We Know Where He Is.” Blessings to you and yours. The thoughts and prayers and love of people all over the world are with your and your family now and in the days to come.

  3. oh, mai cween, ai hazza hyooj sad awn yer behaff. My dadcat passed dis spring, (hims wuz 93 alsew!) and eben tho it am expected, it ain’t ever eezy. Thots & prayers are hedded yur way; rest and be gud to yersalf. {{{hugs}}}}

  4. *snifflol* {{{{{Teh Cween adn awl hoo lubs teh Roylol Dadcat}}}}} Ai sendz yoo mai lubs, adn beemz ub pees adn komfurts. ❤

  5. time takes its share and much much more
    and leaves the rest to grieve
    for all the things that never were
    and the love that had to leave

    a love we held so close at hand
    that served to light the way
    through broken dreams and broken hearts
    the rigours of the day

    and how I yearn to feel the past
    to talk with you once more
    reclaim the balance we once had
    be as we were before

    yet nothing can be as it was
    when all we had was new
    there can be nothing this I know
    to take the place of you

    but time can not be held in spite
    despite its cruelest blow
    one day we’ll meet again to bring
    a surcease to our woe

  6. I share everyone’s sadness at your loss, mai cween! It’s always too soon, irrespective of a person’s time on this planet. {{{{cween}}}}

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