14 thoughts on “Sad nooz frum WRr

  1. Losing your mother, so very, very sad. I pray that the Mom-shaped-void she leaves behind in your heart will soon be filled with happy memories and the joy of a life well-lived.


  2. From sunuvawot who is having posting issues with WP

    for WRr and family

    the grief that I now feel is hereditary
    I know that you too felt it in the past
    but one of things I learnt from you in growing
    is that like everything, this too won’t last
    I know someday that memory will comfort
    instead of causing me to stop and cry
    until then I’ll hold myself together
    and promise that my love will never die
    and when at last it’s my turn to be leaving
    I hope my loved ones will not feel such pain
    for ahead of us I know there will be waiting
    the meadow where we’ll meet up once again

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